Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Commence the count down.....

Counting down the days until my vacation from the mortgage paying job begins.....

Pulled 3 skeins of Gedifra's "Scarlet" from the shelf on Saturday to make the Shape It Scarf from The Knit Stitch for a store sample. It's working up nicely, but I must add that the fibers are doing a number on my hands. And I'll probably need 2 more skeins to finish it off.

The new Knitty is out. I love the French Market Bag and the shawl.

Did you see the ad for the second installment of Average Joe? Too scary for words...and I won't miss a minute of it! Oh and the "the next big superdooper model" show is coming back on in Jan too. I know what I'll be doing!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Expect the expected...Be prepared...

Just had an I told ya so moment. Glad she was on the phone. I was able to do my little dance and make a face without her seeing. Has to do with my "mortgage paying job" and the fact that 3 months or so I told my boss she would not be able to move 40,000 customers in 6 mo's time and she insisted she could....she told me today the dates on her project have changed ...her project must be completed before mine can begin because I'm moving the phonelines that her customers use she wants me to replan my project based on the new dates and have the info to her on Monday morning (it's Friday 2:00 now). I'm 20 steps ahead of her. I have a second (and third and fourth) plan already calculated and in a document ready to send to her. I know the business, I know our support units and know what they can and can't do. They're good, but callling and having 40,000 customers do something while you have them on the phone takes more than 6 months time. My fourth plan has dates out into 2005.....

Did I tell you about my vacation? With so many managers this year, each asking me to "postpone your vacation until we get the department back on it's feet" (I was on my feet, they didn't know what they were doing) has left me with 12 days of vacation.....which I have now scheduled for Dec 15 - Dec 31! Woohoo! 3 weeks. My what I want to do list is getting really long.

Played around with some left over Cascade 220 the other night. Using size 10 needles, I casted on 40 stitches and st st for about 2 yards. Then felted. I was imagining a beautiful felted scarf with cut fringe on the ends. Fabric if you will. I almost have it I think.

Result is a yard of material, a bit thicker than I'd like. And the ends flair. But cuts nicely for fringe. Next try will be with larger needles, fewer stitches and not so long in the water.

Optically Delusional back is at the point i can stop increasing and begin working towards the shoulders. With DK wt yarn and size 6 needles you knit forever!

Monday, December 01, 2003

When is black really black?

After the chaos of Friday, I decided to get to Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn earlier on Saturday to finish putting out the yarns and have a few moments to get ready for the day. As I got out of my car at about 9:15 I noticed a woman sitting in her car watching me. Our first customer of the day.

Not as busy as Friday, our Saturday customers came in spurts. It was nice to have the quiet time inbetween to straighten up the shelves, put back needles not wanted and finish marking the sale yarns. During one of the spurts, Beth from Lorna's Laces stopped in. I didn't get a chance to talk to her, but Sherry filled her in on what customers were looking at.

So one of our customers wanted a solid black yarn to carry with some Eros and Eyelash...I think she pulled one of every skein of solid black yarn off the shelves...there are lots of blacks out there let me tell you! She ended up with a sock weight solid Lorna's Laces. It'll be an all black scarf.

Friday, November 28, 2003

How many scarves can be given as gifts?

I ask this only because I sold so many different yarns to people to make scarves with on Friday that everyone in the US, heck maybe I should even include Canada, will get a scarf for the Holidays.

So I arrive at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn about 9:40. Plenty of time to put away my things, grab my reading glasses, and check out the new yarns before we open at 10:00. Sherry was on the ladder making room on a top shelf for new yarns. She had this exhausted look about her. 5 big boxes of yarns (including the new Eros with a bit of sparkle had come in Wednesday right before closing, Bobbie made price labels, and Sherry had come in at 8:30 on Fri to put them out. And she'd already had 3 customers!

It was quiet for a time. Sherry and I putting up the new yarns and catching up. Bobbie came in about 10:30. A man came in to shop for his wife (sweater kit and gift certificate), a few phone calls about our hours, but all in all pretty quiet.

I glanced at my watch, 10:50, and Sherry mentioned she still had a box in the back that needed pricing. The next time I had a minute to look at my watch it was 2:20. I ran in and took a few bites of a sandwich and back out on the floor with me...

They came in droves!!! Scarf knitters of all ages and sizes...scarves for everyone! Credit Cards were being tossed across the counter, size 15, 17 and 19 needles were sold out, what are we to do?? don't worry a shipment is due next week...we'll be long will it take me to knit this scarf? these colors go together? long is a scarf suppose to be?...what color is good for my sister-in-law/mother/sister/daughter/husband/best friend/son/kidsteacher?....the receipt printer was smoke'in!

Whew! Bobbie's family was in town for a visit and stopped in about 4:00. Bobbie mentioned in passing that it was the stores 6th month anniversary. She's done good.

A few more customers trickled in after that and we closed shop at 6:00. I did ring up a few sweater sales and gift certificates. And lots of questions about classes.

After walking the dog, fixing a plate of leftovers, I sat in front of the tv....I didn't pick up my needles all day.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Thanksgiving Day

It was a typical day with my mother.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Back to square one....

Pulled out the Optically Delusional last night (from Simply Knit). I was short 2 stitches on each side of the mitered corner. Suppose to be 112 stitches on each side of the marker...I had 111. Grrrr.....So I was taking out one row at a time and that was too slow. So I ripped back to where I added the new strand of yarns....about 15 rows and 4 hours of work at Knitters Review Retreat. Oh well, I'm back on track. And I've decided to count every other row.

I threw the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille Facecloth in the wash on Sunday with jeans, sweatshirts and dark towels. (no lint was seen) Then into the dryer it went. It came out soft soft soft! I washed my face with it on Monday and it's an okay washcloth (I like a little rougher texture) But it's still bleeding and it took forever to air dry. Still damp this morning (Tuesday). I don't think anymore washclothes are in my future. I'm thinking baby blanket though.

I picked up copies of Simply Knit 2 and Jameson Knitting Book 3 (I think that's the title, the one with the lady wearing the white shawl on the front) on Saturday. I have a list of things I'd like to make from each one. LOL I have tooo many lists!

One of which is Thanksgiving dinner....chicken, dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, jello salad, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie. It'll be my mother and I and she likes traditional foods. The one year I told her I had chicken instead of turkey she cried...tears and and on all I don't tell her anymore...just get a big Purdue chicken, rip off the wrapper and she says it's really moist and goes home with a nice platefull.

Did you see? Did you see? Linda got $250,000 and David got a ranch... and they rode off into the sunset...... Yahoo!

Monday, November 24, 2003

Heaven, I'm in Heaven.....with Hanne Falkenberg sweaters!

Picture this....2 women go into work early just to try on sweaters from the trunk show before the customers get there. One a size XL-1X, the other size 6-8 both trying on the same sweaters in sizes M-L and all sweaters looked good on both!

That's why Hanne Falkenberg deserves the $$$ for her patterns/kits!

Customers of all shapes and sizes tried them on and while the colors didn't always agree, the shape of the garment looked good on everyone. Of course everyone had their preference, and would want to go up or down a size and change the sleeve length.

The trunk show items (that I can remember) are:
Ballerina - perfect!, it has a graceful flow that doesn't overwhelm small women
Dacapo - I will buy one day! The smaller you are the wider the turned back lapels are
Domino - the most traditional cardigan but with beautiful stitches.
Mareager - like a serape but tacked on the sides, long, looked better on the tall women, course you can make it shorter
Pyramide - My favorite! I will buy one day! Like a comfy sweatshirt, we have the medium which fit me okay, but I'd go up a size to wear something under it (I'm usually XL-1X)
Promenade - shawl that transforms itself by the different ways you can wrap it, it threw me with the points on the shoulders until I threw the long ends to the back and it all fell into place. You can also cross the long ends in the front and tuck into your skirt/pants

There are more but I can't remember their if you would like them described.

If you're in the area this coming week, stop by to try the sweaters on. The construction and fit is beyond my understanding. And the yarn is softer (washings/cleanings/handlings) than when it is first knit.

Ewe Knit Kits and Yarns
Yorktown Commerce Center
228 North Lynnhaven Road
Va Beach Va
Mon-Sat 10:00 - 5:30
800-948-1565 (please call if you have any questions)

Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.....and a bunch of strip malls

When I moved into my home 10 years ago, there were wooded areas along the "main" road into my development. Deer, possum, raccoons, snakes, rabbits, buzzards, etc, lived there. I'd see a deer every once in a while on the side of the road. As time has passed, the parcels of land have been sold, wooded areas paved and the animals left to fend for themselves if they weren't in the "round up". In the last few weeks I've seen a large deer on the golf course behind my house and one time in my fenced in backyard. This morning he was dead on the side of the "main" road. He had to cross the road for food. He didn't have a choice.

Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn just got in some Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille on Saturday. So of course I had to pick up a skein. Turquoise. Knitted the flower face cloth from Weekend Knitting. Yarn was great to work with. Nice stitches. My hands turned blue. Washed it in Dawn last night. Beat up on it really good, then layed on a towel to "block". Lots of dye in the water, but none on my hands or the towel. Very soft cloth. I put the rest back in a skein and washed it. I'll knit up a little swatch to see if the dye is still a problem.

As for the pattern, it was written well. Easy to follow. Wasted a lot of yarn asking you to leave 8" tails. Will I make it, maybe for a gift.

So, my nieces scarves are going to be Lorna's Laces sport weight. Garter stitch on size 15 needles in a triangle. I'll add fringe.

Favorite quote of the week from the guy the girl didn't choose: Her realm of comfort is completely different than my realm of existence.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Long short week

Vacation Monday and Tuesday and boy was work busy the other three days. Glad it's the weekend.

Not to confuse anyone, but I did stay the weekend at Graves Mtn. Friday night we had show and tell and the Sunday a hayride and lots of goodbyes. Read about it here: Knitters Review.

Collared Shawl from The Purl Stitchis completed. Wove the final end in last night. Now to block it. It's really nice. I'd do it again.

Bailey got a clean bill of health from the opthamologist (spell check didn't recognise the word and I don't know how to spell it, it's an eye doctor that does surgery) yesterday. Yippee!

Ewe Knits should be getting in the samples for the Hanne Falkenberg truck show that begins Nov 21st. Can't wait!

I'm going to use the "C" word here...crochet. Think I'll whip up a couple of Sweet November scarves for my nieces for Christmas. Two skeins of Lorna's Laces sport should do it for each one.

I'll let you know what I decide.....

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The wait was worth it......

Knitters Review Retreat was as much fun as last year. Great people, great knitting, great instructors, great food.

Saturday morning was about color and knitting plaid. My first attempt was very colorful and a bit weird looking. But I was able to take what I learned home and Sunday night pulled out bits and pieces of my stash and made a beautiful brown/grey/black plaid swatch that I'm very proud of.

Saturday afternoon was shopping shopping shopping. Picked up some lovely things. Calendar and cards from Knitters review, yarn from Stoney Mtn and Caradan Farms, and beaded necklace kit from Annie.

Looking over the room Saturday night I saw what was missing in my life and I need to find it again. The community of people working together, teaching one another, learning something new. Little groups of women. Knitting with wire. Cables. Drop spindle. Drum Carding. Knitting. Crocheting. Laughing. Heads bent over a pattern, a stitch. A hug. Tears. I heard no bickering or gossiping. Just the simple gift of sharing.

And bringing an end to a great day.....a lunar eclispe.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003


It's been a busy week and going to get busier. Guild meeting on Monday night, woman's seminar yesterday into the evening, conference calls from noon to nine the next two nights. Whew!

Glad the retreat is this weekend. I need a minute to sit still.

Still working on Collared Shawl from The Purl Stitch. Finished the bottom ribbing and have begun the collar ribbing.

Also one triangle for the back of Optically Delusional Sweater from Simply Knit is finished and the second one on it's way. I'm still in love with Zara.

Wonder if Elann has any left?

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Just another manic Monday, Tuesday, etc

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The sun has finally popped out. We've had rain the last few days. Sorry I couldn't have sent some to So California.

Mortgage paying work is crazystupid. Monday it was announced we're buying a Northeast bank and the dreaded email asking how much transition work I've done has be circulated. I've had tons....11 years of transition and merger work...I don't want to do that again...UGH!

Yarn paying work is still lots of fun. It was a busy Saturday at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn. In addition to the usual customers, we had 3 new knitters in looking for lesson. And, 2 ladies from New Orleans stopped in around 4:00 and shopped until 6:30! We stayed open to make sure they had everything they needed.

Another customer spent an hour or so matching Eros, Charm and Charming with Mohair for scarves. She had some great color choices. Browns and turquoise, yellows and blues.

On my knitting front....I swatched for Optically Delusional sweater from Simply Knit. I'm using Zara and it's really nice!

And the Collared Shawl from The Purl Stitch is coming along. I'm on the bottom rib of 200+ stitches. K2, P2.......

Suki's babystomach is sooo unbelievable but at least Rory has her study tree back.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

......and speaking of news lady on the oldies station the word is BE AT TI FIED...not BE U TI FIED.

Knitting news

Sorry about the rant this morning. It seems to build up and once I let it go, it's gone .... until the next time.

Surprising news for Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn last Friday. An interview that Bobbie had done in the summer and had forgotten was printed. The article discussed teens knitting and mentioned Ewe Knits. We were really busy on Saturday with requests for knitting lessons.

I loved the way the younger generation of knitting wannabes attached the process. Just give me what I need to get started, size 15 needle, a fuzzy yarn, a book, and let me at it! The older knitting wannabes wanted to wait and purchase for the class.

My felting students left with almost finished projects. One ran home, finished her i-cord and brought in a felted bag a few hours later....Go Sharon!

Oh, and Bobbie ordered Crystal Palace bamboo circulars. Didn't have 5 minutes to try a pair though. Maybe this coming Saturday.

Speaking of which, some of our scarf ladies will be meeting at the store to compare scarves and help one another select yarns on Saturday. What's interesting: these ladies didn't know one another before coming into Ewe Knits. Now they see one another grocery shopping, etc.

On my knitting front....Collared Shawl has 340 rows. I'm going to stop at 360 I think. Then it's picking up and knitting the trim/collar.

And the Zara yarn from Elann arrived for the Optically Delusional Sweater. BEAUTIFUL! Perfect colors. I'm itching to get started but I'll wait until CS is finished.

Very disappointed in the Mano's. I blocked it on Sunday and it's scratchy and it's stretched! It's tooooo long now. I'll pick up a bottle of wool wash on Saturday to see if that will help.

My bet is that David Smith will lasso himself that purty little blonde that likes artists. Howdy Partner!

Pity party

When I began this blog it was with the sole intention of tracking my knitting. But I have to talk, to tell someone, and Coco (dear sweet friend who lets me rant without judging) is out of town. So you get to hear...or just page down if you don't want to mother is a selfish, manipulative woman who isn't happy until she's playing one sibling against another. If I say if over and over today maybe this boulder that is sitting on my shoulders will shrink to a pebble.

Is it my fault that my 45 yo sister has joined the Merchant Marines and will be gone for 3 months? Or that she has no money and might end up loosing her house so she moved all of her furniture to my mothers? Or that she quit a job that paid well, had great benefits to go back to a job she had for 10 years that paid $6 without benefits?

Or that a brother borrowed my mothers car and now she doesn't want to ask for it back because "I don't want to bother him. Will you call him for me?"

Sorry mom, I'm not getting involved again. I always end up being the bad guy, this big sister who offers to help and then gets told to mind her own business. Not playing that game ever again. Nope.

Told her that AGAIN last night and of course she cried and asked me why I had to be difficult. Difficult? (The daughter that paid her mortgage, made sure younger brother and sister finished Catholic high school, got younger brother through 5 years of college with as few loans as possible, didn't celebrate a holiday at home for 20 years because it was important for another brother to have all celebrations at his house because the kids needed "traditions" and now the kids are grown I am no longer invited because "it's just too many people at the house" so that leaves me alone with my mother becasue my sister wants no part of being with her, the youngest always makes other plans and the one that now has her car doesn't celecbrate holidays because he changed religion and they don't do that kinds of stuff and the one with the "traditions" doens't want to drive the 4 hours to get her and take her up to his house, and went to every therapy session she wanted to have to "work out our problems". )

So our phone conversations always end up with her crying and me feeling empty and wondering what life will be like when she dies.

That last part has been there for the past year. What will Thanksgiving and Christmas be like when I don't have to hear "it's just not "name holiday here" without your brothers and sister".

So I'm going to compose an email to my 4 siblings telling them that this Christmas it's on them to entertain our mother. Me? I have other plans.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

How does Jacko do it?

I have a tiny tiny tiny pimple on the end of my nose. It really hurts!

The MidTown tunnel re-opened 3 days ahead of schedule! They pumped 44 million gallons of water out of there. Wonder where the water would have gone if the gates had been closed? It took me 25 minutes from the time I started the car engine until I walked into my office this morning with a smile on my face.

Worked on the Collared Shawl the other night. I messed up a row. I should have stopped when I got tired, but I didn't. So I ripped back 5 rows. It's waiting for a quiet time for me to get back on track.

Last night I worked on the Mano's scarf. I casted on 140 stitches and using sz 17 needles stst for a few rows, then garter stitched a few rows and I'm back to stst. My plan is to bind off and have a long skinny scarf. I want to add fringe on all 4 sides.

Purple Fish is dry. Think I'll play around with some buttons tonight.

Placed my first order with Elann yesterday. Zara...french blue and lily. For the Optically Delusional sweater from Simply Knit.

I need to loose that password!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


90% of the people I work with are on the west coast. I'm on the east. I had gotten spoiled having my mornings to work on documentation, read emails, and not really expect any calls before 11:00a.m. with Noon being the ususal. My new manager is an early bird. Gets to work no latter than 6:30 a.m. and since there is no one else at work yet she calls me .... several times. I'm losing my free work time.

We had a beautiful Sunday and Monday. Weather was perfect. Not much humidity and low 70's. The mosquito's are still bad though.

Bess talks about her parents aging. I'm right there with ya Bess. Trying to nudge others into a change in lifestyle doesn't work. I've learned that the hard way with my mother. For years I tried to get her active but she is content to sit in her home and throw a 30 year pity party. I had to accept that. And it's still hard.

Muhammad Trial is beginning here. Malvo next month.

Taught a felting class at Ewe Knit on Saturday. Each of the ladies had chosen the same Fiber Trends Party Purse pattern. After a 1/2 hour of redeciding on yarn colors, we got to work. Next week it's gussets and i-cord.

Purple Fish from Knitting Bags felted beautifully! I did something wrong with the twisted cord though. They're not long enough to meet. I'll add another length. I think a differnt color will work nicely. And my concern about having enough room in the opening to do the embrodiery comfortably came to fruition. It's gonna be tough to get into the small hole. I may do something with tiny buttons.

Began a simple scarf with the Mano's del Uruguay . It's lovely to work with. I want to fringe all 3 sides.

And I continued with the Purl Stitch Collard Shawl in Alpaca. 120 rows so far. I'm liking it much better now. It's very cuddly.

Friday, October 10, 2003

No Traffic today

I decided to work from home today. No traffic stress to deal with. And it's a three day weekend. It's gonna be a good day.

Rob at Blackdog posted a link to a soup recipe the other day. Friday I think. Anyway, made a pot last night. First time I've used canned stock. Very tasty. Very easy. Thanks, Rob.

Implementation of the Fall MC/V Mandates went very well. No tech problems at all. Yeah Team! Will spend today reformatting a document I inherited for one of my other projects. It's in a Excel spreadsheet. It's all text. It has macro's that shouldn't be there. It's not an easy doc to update and what you see on the screen isn't what prints. My Excel Expert friend tried to fix it. She said it would be easier to redo. It's going to Word where it belongs.

No actual knitting last night. I looked through my stash to plan a few Christmas gifts. Knitted hat for my sister, felted hats for my nieces, maybe knitted seaman caps for the men.

Grissom and the gang are becoming toooooo graphic for me.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

It's their fault...No it's their fault

5:35 p.m. pull out of the parking garage
7:24 p.m. arrive home
miles driven - 14.7

My leg ached from pressing on the break in the stop and go traffic. They're still blaming the closing of the MidTown tunnel for the congestion. I dunno. I think tonight before I leave the office I'm going to pack a snack.

Kohl's is opening two stores my shopping area tomorrow. They sent a $10 gift card for me to use. That's nice. It's good through the 18th or 19th. Ad says 19th, card says 18th. The ad sheet they sent is nice. I like slick paper ads.

What I don't like are stores that have coupons in the newspaper every week that you have to cut out and bring in to get the discount. Why not just give me the discount when I come into the store?

Finished 2 pattern repeats of the Collared Shawl . I'm using Alpaca. I don't think I like it. The pattern is okay, it's the fuzzy look the yarn has I think. This is my first project with Alpaca. My thought was to block it while it's still on the needle and see if I like it.

And another thing. I'm getting gage but the shawl looks awfully small/narrow. Perhaps after blocking it will stretch.

Jack and Serena didn't have a strong case last was a no win from the begining.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Posted speed .. 55.
My average speed .. 65.
My guess of the speed of the cars passing me .. 75.
Finding a furniture truck in the left lane next to the HOV doing 60 and getting behind it and not being stressed when getting to work.....priceless.

Rumors were flying yesterday that the project I'm working on which has been touted as the most important project of this year and it will save tons and tons of money has been cancelled. That's okay, I'm also working on the second most important project of the year and it's gonna save tons and tons of money too. But I'm still hoping they'll see the need to offer me a retirement package at the end of the year.

I decided on Cascade 220 for the Persian Carpet Bag that is in Folk Bags. Bought about 8 hanks on Saturday. It's not on my wip list yet. Since it's knitted in Fair Isle from charts it'll be my "Sunday afternoon and all is quiet in the house and I can concentrate" project.

I also picked up my first skein of Mano's del Uruguay in variegated color 113. I had the pleasure of winding about 50 loose hanks of this yarn (in different colors) into skeins on Saturday. I guess those are the right words. It comes in hanks tied at several places and in order to fit the on a shelf you have to twist them so they form nice little skeins. Such soft wool. And nice patterns.

So what's in my WIP basket update:

multi-directional Scarf in Soft Twist was worked on for a little while during Show and Tell at Guild. I'm not liking it. It's in the frog pile.

Side 2 of the Lucky Purple Fish from Folk Bags is completed. I'm teaching a felting class beginning Sat at Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn. I'll save the fins and straps for the class. And I think I'll change the twisted cord for an i-cord.

Purl Stitch Collared Shawl in alpaca has been frogged, the chart studied and 26 rows knitted last night. Rory has a pretty Yale dorm room, Paris is back to her old self and Luke is going to try to act tough and stand up to his half brother.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003


Who designed interstate off ramps that are also the on ramps? They're very stressful for me.

I walked into the Guild meeting last night with nominations for President and Secretary on my head. The lady who said she'd like to be President was not committing so I said I'd do it if she didn't want to. At the very last minute she decided she could do the job. Then another lady spoke up and said she'd like to be Secretary. YES!!!!! I get to enjoy the guild meetings ... for the next year at least. I did tell our President-elect I'd chair a committee.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Dark beginnings

The last home without power because of Isabel should be back on line today.

It's dark when we begin our early morning walks now. Not much movement in the neighborhood. Quiet. Lights on in the bedrooms upstairs and in the kitchens downstairs. Flash of a TV screen tuned to local morning news. Bailey has a hard time distinguishing objects in the distance so our walks are slower now. He has glaucoma in his left eye and will eventually loose all of the sight in the eye. A cataract is forming in his right eye. He's ten and healthy otherwise. So we walk at his speed in the dark.

Little bit of trivia I heard at lunch today. In the movie "The Patriot", the first and last word Gabriel says is the same...Thomas. "Thomas, wait for father". "Father, I'm sorry about Thomas." Don't be concerned, he says many words inbetween.

Vickie Square knitted her Lucky Fish in red because it is a color the Chinese believe brings luck. Wonder what the color purple means? Time for some research.

Purple Lucky Fish side 1 is completed and Luka is alive!!!! All is not dark in John Carters world.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

A new route to take

10,000 still without power. Two weeks today. People are standing in lines for hours to apply for emergency food stamps.

My biggest gripe: TRAFFIC!!!! After spending 30 min to move appx 1/2 mile on Monday and Tuesday, I found another route to get home yesterday. It's a few more miles, but I'm moving! I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it is to just SIT and inch and inch and inch....what's it doing to my brakes?

But the good news is that I've worn Obi everyday this week! I enjoy wearing it. Might have to make another. Changes I would make: a little longer in the back.

I finished a scarf design for Ewe Knit Kits. It'll be a free pattern for our customers. Sample is done in Debbie Bliss wool/cotton. Simple drop stitch pattern, very long. I'm going to add fringe on all four sides.

My new knitting love is the new Interweave Press book by Vickie Square Folk Bags! I scooped up the one copy B&N had on their shelf last night and have already finished the first half of the Fish Bag. I'm using Cascade 220 in a bright purple. Hmm, wonder if the color in the book has any significance? I guess I should have read the pattern introduction but I was too antsy to get started.

The carpet bag will be next. I need a Fair Isle challenge right now. And there's another one that is stripped and loopy...pattern reads for flat knitting....I'm sure I can change it to knit in the round.

Can't wait for Bobbie to get the books in. It's going to be a big hit with our customers. And why didn't I wait you might ask?....I'm impatient!

So what's in my WIP basket?
- Purl stitch Collared Shawl in alpaca (actually needs to be frogged. I tried to read the chart using a flashlight...LOL)
- Mulitdirectional Scarf in Soft Twist
- Lily Chin Simple Shawl in Socketta (not liking the pattern at all)
- Dale Salt Lake City Olympic sweater (needs a binding off at the neck and steeking)
- wool beret from ??? can't remember (it's in the car for emergencies)

So that's my story for the day......

Monday, September 29, 2003

New Normal

Isabel We're almost back to our new normal here. 36,000 still without power this morning. Kids are back in class. Closing of the Midtown tunnel has caused much traffic congestion and with that more accidents on 64/664.

Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn Worked at Ewe Knits on Saturday. Bobbie's first grandchild was born Sept 11 and so she is off visiting him. While she's gone the mice are to speak. Sherri is rearranging the yarns....which she has wanted to do for a while now. All of the novelty yarn is going on the large back wall. This will be nice. No more running all over to see what matches what. You'll be able to stand (or sit if you're inclined) at the back wall and see it all.....or at least all that will fit!

A large order (200 skeins!) of Mango Moon sari silk has arrived. We also have a few sweater/afgan kits.

And Debbie Bliss is on sale! 20% off.

Free shipping on all orders of $50 or more all the time.

On my knitting front....Drum roll please...Obi is done!!!! Finished the last seam last night while watching the new The Practice.

........The new season got off to a good start. I didn't watch many shows last year. Didn't like where the characters were going. I'm liking James Spader.......

Casted on for a scarf that will be a free pattern offered at Ewe Knits . Each of the clerks (I love that word!) is desigining a scarf pattern to offer. Mine is a dropped stitched pattern. The sample I'm working on now is done on 224 stitiches in Debbie Bliss wool/cotton on size 5 needles. I should be able to adjust for yarn size and do the same scarf with fewer/more stitches.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Adjusting my attitude.....

255,000 homes are still without power. It's raining. Schools are still closed.

My normal commute of 30 minutes took almost 90 this morning. An hour to move 1.4 miles. Creeping along.

The ships have been coming back into the shipyard all morning. I have a beautiful view of the Elizabeth River from my office window. They go out to sea during hurricanes.

Have about 6 inches of ribbing done for Obi.

But did you see the new The Wool Connection catalog??? Simply Knit 2 is out and they have put together sweater and scarf kits. I'm in love with Toscana.

Monday, September 22, 2003

What is normal?

Schools are closed. 1/2 million homes are still without power. 200 homes destroyed in Portsmouth. Millions in damage all over the area.

The MidTown tunnel is closed for at least a month, if not longer. They have to drain, shovel out the debris (which include fish and a VDOT truck) then check for structural damage. 40,000 vehicles use that tunnel during rush hours. I will be impacted.

Traffic into downtown Norfolk was light. The bank I work for has water, ice and a free lunch for associates.

We're expecting rain for the rest of the week.

Isabel: The Hurricane

My journal: September 18th - 20th

Thursday, September 18th

6:00 a.m AccuWeather predicts land fall for Isabel at the Outer Banks at Noon today. We should expect very high tides with 3-5' over seawalls. Norfolk/Portsmouth downtown areas should expect flooding of 5' or more.

Right now it is windy and raining in my area of Chesapeake. Bailey went to the back yard with me but only stayed about a minute. He won't leave my side.

6:30 a.m. Took a shower and dried my hair debated on using a curling iron...I did...must look nice while waiting out a hurricane.

I also packed a few clothes, just in case. Course a book (Last Bride in Ballymuir) and my knitting (red hat and collared shawl).

7:30 a.m. Bailey has to go outside but he's afraid. So bundled up and carried him to the front yard. He finished quickly and we ran inside. The wind has picked up but not so much rain.

Drank a cup of coffee and read the paper. Local newscasters are showing live film from VB ocean front.

8:15 a.m. Just lost electricity. Damn. Was just about to fix a second cup of coffee and toast with pepper jack pimento cheese.

Water is still warm in the kettle so had a luke warm cup of Chai Tea and bread with pepper jack pimento cheese.

Wind has picked up. I've left the front door open (with storm door closed) on the front and back. Bailey is laying by the front door watching over his neighborhood.

8:45 a.m. Moved my knitting chair to the sliding glass doors which face my back yard. The better to see ya know. The way my townhouse is situated I have a small patio that is protected by two walls. I can stand out there and not get wet. My back yard backs up to a golf course. The "rough" is between me and the 11th hole. Lots of big trees.

Pulled out the wool for my red felted Fiber Trends hat and casted on.

No flooding in streets or backyard. Still have dial tone on phone.

9:50 a.m. There is a corner on the front porch that is not wet. Right up against the kitchen window.

A few cars have driven by. All I can hear is the wind.

I've named my red felted hat....Windy

10:50 a.m. Strange how I'm checking the clock every hour about the same time.

The rain has eased some but the wind is doing a hurricane dance whipping trees this way and that.

I've opened the sliding glass door to get some air in the house. My little secluded area is still protected. It will be interesting to see what happens when the hurricane passes over and the winds shift.

12:10 p.m. Turned on the radio. Have a little one that picks up local TV stations. They're reporting Nags Head ocean road has broken up, pier at VB is gone, electricity is off all over the area, worse time will be between 5-8 p.m this evening.

Had a tuna salad sandwich for lunch.

1:30 ish p.m. Turned off the radio. Tired of the noise. Almost finished "Windy".

No flooding in the backyard or front. Some limbs are blowing around the golf course but I can't see any downed trees. My crepe myrtles are still standing but the little one in the front is taking a beating.

3:20 p.m. Just woke up from a nap! Bailey and I were cuddled under a throw.

I finished "Windy" before my nap and it's sitting with My Constant Companion and Tomato Soup waiting for felting.

Wind has really picked up. Radio/TV says sustained winds of 55 mph and many power lines are down. They're also telling people not to touch the lines because they could still be live. Tides now expected to be 8' over normal now. Losing lots of leaves and bigger limbs on the golf course.

6:30ish p.m. Finished dinner. The rest of the tuna salad, crackers, chocolate chip cookies.

Radio/TV reporting 1.5 million without power. Two tunnels have flooded: Midtown and West Bound Downtown....this is NOT good. They are the major links between Norfolk and Portsmouth. How did this happen?!? Town Point Park is under water.

The wind has shifted and the back yard is now getting the brunt of the wind. I heard a tree go over earlier. Can't see it from any of my windows.

Casted on for the "Collared Shawl" from The Purl Stitch. I'm using alpaca. Think I'll call it Isabel . Should have copied the chart. It's sooo tiny to see in the twilight.

8:30 p.m. Don't knit in the dark when you don't know and can't see the pattern. LOL

Flashlights are on. Wind and rain have died down quite a bit. Bailey is asking to go out. His instincts are telling him it's over.

11:25 p.m. Half way through "The Last Bride of Ballymuir". Romance.

Took Bailey out front for a short walk down the block. Just a drizzle and light rain. Trees are down. What I could see is not good. Hear a few generators.

I'm going to bed. I'm praying what I'm hearing on the radio/TV is exaggeration.

Friday, September 19th

3:00 p.m. Slept well. Woke at 6:30, no electricity or phone. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, threw on my shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes. The sun is just lighting the sky.

Bailey and I walked every where. He was checking out his neighborhood. Chimney's are gone, trees split in half, trees upended. Only 3 houses had trees fall onto them. My neighborhood was very lucky.

I spent the morning raking, sweeping, talking to neighbors.

The houses across the street have NO signs of hurricane damage in the limbs, no leaves, nothing. Nature.

We got power back about 11:00 and phone and cable. I emptied the fridge. The freezer did well. I packed it with bags of ice so everything stayed frozen.

Talked to my family and a few friends. My mother lives in an old house with big trees and lots of power lines. She never lost electricity! My brother lost electricity but has gas hot water and cooking. My sister lost her electrical box...the thing on the outside of the house...blew off. That doesn't sound good. Most of my friends were still with out power but expected it soon, after all they have underground cables. Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn is power at the shop or her home.

Saturday, September 20th

12:30 p.m. I left at 10:00 this morning to run to Harris Teeter. My neighborhood is getting back into shape. Piles of limbs and leaves line the curb.

I had to move into the left hand lane at Volvo and Eden Way...the line of cars waiting for gas at the Fake 7/11 was very long....I wondered why?????

Target and Harris Teeter were the only stores open in the shopping center. Best Buy, Babies R Us, Steinmart, Pier 1, Barnes and Noble were closed. Harris Teeter was giving away ice. The line was long. HT had a generator that kept the cold food cold. So I picked up a few things and went home.

Life is back to normal for me.

Sunday, September 21st

Life is normal. Walked Bailey, read the paper, washed clothes, raked a few more leaves, knitted, read.

Finished seaming fits very nicely. Now to knit the front ribbing. Should go fast. K1,P1 28 times! Emmy's are on so I'll get a lot done.

1 million still without power.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


This is going to sound crazy, but I'm ready for some blustery weather. I'm looking forward to being confined to my house for 24 hours. But I don't want damage to anyone or anything and I know I can't have it both. Am I making sense?

This morning was so beautiful and strange. Clear blue skies, gentle breeze, low humidity and no birds singing. So very quiet. Bailey has been plastered to my side all day.

The dark clouds arrived about 3:00 and the rain at 4:30. But it's a nice gentle rain. Bailey and I took what might be our last walk for 24 hours in it.

Latest weather report shows that Chesapeake should feel the brunt of the hurricane at 5:00 pm tomorrow.

Did anyone hear modeknits mentioned on Ellen DeGeneres show today? A pat on the back for Annie!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

We were just told not to come into the office tomorrow or Thursday and probably not Friday. And that the servers would more than likely be brought down at noon tomorrow. I'm moving some files that I will need so that I can "productively work from home" to my hard drive.

And on a "physical" side...."if you have an office with windows, please put down and shut the blinds before you leave." Could someone explain to me how shutting the blinds on my windows that are on the 9th floor of a building one block from the river and facing that same river will help if the window breaks? But I'll put down and shut my blinds before I leave.

Is it more stressful preparing for a storm than actually being in one?

This evening I'll finish picking up the yard ornaments, potted plants and chairs and move them into the garage. Tomorrow I'll unplug all non-essential electrical things and check to see if my insurance papers are where they're suppose to be. Thursday I'll wait for Isabel.

I may need another bag of M&M's.

More changes?

So Blogger is changing again? I can't keep up.

I did add TagBoard over there <---- if you want to write.

I've watched the boats/yachts/ships comming up the river all morning. All going inland out of the path of Isabel. The Navy and AirForce have sent ships and planes to safer locations.

I've been following Isabel's path here: AccuWeather

Monday, September 15, 2003

A new look.......

Couldn't figure out how to make the title bold so decided to change the template.

Finished My Constant Companion and a second Tomato Soup red hat. They'll go into the washer next.

Isabel will be visiting later this week. I'm prepared. Sesame sticks, M&M's, almonds, tuna, crackers, milk, Cheerios, diet cherry coke, water, doggie treats, People Magazine, knitting, re-read of Under the Tuscan Sun, batteries.

The weather men are too giddy.

Friday, September 12, 2003

I have a title.....

I have titles now. And spell check.

I'm very saddened to learn that John Ritter has died. When he played the evil character he scared me. And his comedy made me laugh. I'm glad he will live on in re-runs.

Bailey chased an animal around the backyard last night. I didn't see the whole animal, just a long fuzzy tail. Perhaps a cat? It was too dark to see where it went or how it escaped the fence. Hmm, my new neighbor said she had a cat....

No promises, but I hope to finish up a few projects this weekend.
My Constant Companion (3 rows of the bag and 3 rows of i-cord bind off)
Obi (sewing the seams)

I also want to knit a swatch for the collared Shawl from The Purl Stitch. I have 1000 yards of Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca to use.

And re-organize my WIP's. I'm forgetting what I have. Of the top of my head.
Lily Chin shawl
Multidirectional Scarf
Dale Sweater

Who plans on watching Dr. Phil and Katie Couric tonight? ME! I will not go on another diet. The next one will kill me. I know how to count calories, fat, carbs, etc. I've got to get through habit eating. Hopefully, Dr. Phil will say something that will trigger what ever it is that is missing from my thought process to get rid of the habit.

Spell check is done. Now let me go see what else I get "free".

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Taking off last Friday as a 'mental health day' and seeing
The Order helped me get over the dissatisfaction of my job. I'm in a better mood this far.

I'm beginning to like starting my morning walk in the dark. This morning we had the wind to contend with. Bailey is not a "wind in my hair" dog. But we still managed to get in a good mile and a half before he was ready to turn home.

The dead tree in the rough behind my house finally fell over. Wasn't it just last month the golf course landscaping guy said "it's not dead". Guess it'll be easier to clean up now. Glad it didn't hit my house, the fence, a golfer.

I wonder what it is that Lisa expected. She's 25 and looking for a husband. So she struts her stuff on tv at a time when America is in a 'we'll show you' mood and is going to to stick her with a guy she doesn't like. But she may have had the last laugh....last night, on live tv, she told the guy she likes she was going to pick him. The others don't stand a chance....can't wait to see how NBC's gonna pull outta this one. "Cupid". The reason for Tuesday nights.

I totally missed one of the strap holes on My Constant Companion. So I ripped out 3 rows of attached i-cord bind off. That's okay. I'll make the last row of the bag the same color as the i-cord (black). It'll make for a smoother transition.

And tonight's "Big Brother". The reason for Wednesday nights.

The Order

Thursday, September 04, 2003

How long has it been since I've updated my blog???

So, I seamed Obi, took a closer look and the seams are crooked..blah...I have to reseam. I like the way it fits. I made little ribbed cuffs instead of the sleeves the pattern called for. I have short arms.

Started and finished 2 Fiber Trends felted hats. One in Cascade 220 (hot pink w/black band) for Coco's birthday later this month. Ack, September already! That will be put in her birthday package along with a gift certificate for her favorite store and assorted stuff (green staples and mini Life Savers so far).

The other in Galway. One dark brown and one caramel color knit together. It's a store sample.

I also began and am almost finished My Constant Companion from Knitter Stash in Cascade 220. Stripes: black bottom and a few inches up the side, forest green, gold, white, black, rose, white, black. I threw a swatch into boiling water and the black colored the white a funky dirty gray that I can live with.

Work-work is really getting boring. I have no interest in what I'm doing. I'm taking a mental health day tomorrow. Going to the movies. Going to buy a big popcorn and get lost in "The Order". And if it's good I might watch it again. Heck even if it's bad it'll be worth it to see Heath on the big screen's been a year since Four Feathers ya know.

Working at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn is still fun. Bobbie got in The Purl Stitch. the new Knitters and is expecting new (to us) colors of Cascade 220, and a ribbon yarn who's name I can't remember.

A new yarn store will be opening in Williamsburg, VA soon (rumor mid-Sept). Kingsmill area I think. Sisters. I'll keep you updated. Sounds like a road trip. Sure it's only an hour drive but with all of the road construction being done on I64 it could take days!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Best laid plans....Obi is still not finished. On Sunday I did a bit of steaming to prepare for picking up for the sleeves. For the fun of it, I tried it on. I've always known I wouldn't need all 7 inches of the sleeve it called for...I have short arms...but oh my, it comes to my wrists! So, I have knit short ribbed cuffs. Seaming will begin when we have a bit of sunlight. It's black you know.

So while Black Obi waits, I completed another Fiber Trends felted hat. This one calls for a single ply of worsted. I'm using Cascade 220 for the first time. I do like the way it feels. I'll felt this weekend.

And for fun, I've begun the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf using Lorna's Lace sport weight "Rainbow". It's a great pattern, really fun. "Rainbow" wasn't the best colorway to use. Too many short length's of color. I'll keep going on it and maybe make the next one in blocks of different color...or try the LL "Smoke". Now that would be pretty I think.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Q: What happens when the rain stops for an hour on a Saturday afternoon?

A: Everyone goes to Ewe Knit Kits to buy yarn for a new project.

I did the 3 needle bindoff on the shoulders of my black obi last night. Might have to add a second color. Not sure if I have enough black to finish it. Fingers crossed.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Black Obi continues....working on the second front...8245 stitches left ....then the sleeves!

Friday, August 01, 2003

They say dreams don't lie. In my dream I was making a presentation at work. I didn't have my electric cord for pc and when I pulled up the application I didn't recognize any of them. There was a person speaking about something and I thought, that's the wrong subject, they didn't tell me I had to talk about that. I had to sit at the corner of the table where it's pointy and I sat back in my chair so the point wouldn't stab me. The person presenting before me handed out "gifts" and everyone looked at me for gifts so I gave them Bic pens and one person had my "good" pen and I took it back but there was no ink left in it. I passed out copies of my presentation that no one would look at. I learned yesterday that I will have a new boss. He will be the seventh (7th, number 7, the number that comes after 6) this year...2003 ...well actually since mid-February. And I've had 2 people twice, but mixed in among the bunch, so does that count as 7 or have I really had I count like Liz counts husbands? I laughed about it yesterday and gave it no thought during the evening. Guess my sleeping subconscious thought about it alot.

I couldn't sleep after that. So I made a cup of Chai Tea (the instant kind with sugar and milk), curled up on the sofa with my Bailey and knitted. The back of the Black Obi is finished to the final neck shaping row. I'll wait to cast off until the 2 front panels are done. I want to make sure it's long enough and all the pieces are the same length.

I'll work at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn tomorrow. That's always a fun change from my mortgage paying job. Everyone leaves the store happy!

What do I work on next? Felted hat? Geisha cape/pillow top? One of the shawls that are on the needles?

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

100 rows completed on the back of Black Obi, 31 rows left. Knit a row purl a row knit a row purl a row. I'm averaging 10 rows a day, 244 stitches a row. 2440 stitches a day. Whew!

lace weight shawl with mistake + 2 little boys without toys + mom who is shopping and not paying attention to either = part time LYS employee with headache that has to tell 2 little boys to stop tossing around the expenisve yarn like a football while being pleasant

Enough of the same color yarn was found so Law School friends sweater is now all one color.

Daryl Hannah doesn't know how to purl. She's missing out on a lot of fun.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

My friend the Law Student/FullTimeEmployee/Mom/Wife knits a sweater (and only a sweater) every year or three. She has one class this summer and with the class winding down, she has 3 weeks before she goes back to carrying 3 classes a week in mid August. So she decided now was the time to knit her sweater. She chose a cardigan pattern from Interweave Knits, bought her yarn (cotton) and away she went. The back and 1/2 of one front is done. It's a pretty diamond/lace pattern. She brought it in yesterday so we could do the gushy thing knitters do when they look at others work....and I did...I made all kinds of noises. It's beautiful. The color is perfect for her, the stitches are even, nice cast on....but in the natural light coming in my office windows it was two different shades of maise....different dye lots!!!!! She forgot to check and in the light in the store (Michaels) and at home didn't she didn't the slight shade change. She was going out last night to see if she could find more yarn. Fingers crossed XXX

Making progress on Black Obi. I have completed 40 rows with only 97 left to go! 244 stitiches across the back...knit a row...purl a row...knit a row...purl a row.......I'm trying for 10 rows (5 ridges) a night. And TV shows like Big Brother, Cupid and Queer Eye are making it possible.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Simply stated as she walked in the door at Ewe Knit Kits Saturday: My husband and kids are out having fun. I was cleaning the house and I decided I wanted to knit my shawl. I left the vaccum cleaner in the middle of the living room. I'm here to buy needles and get help with the pattern. I understood......

Two students signed up for the Fiber Trends Pary Purse class. They chose their yarns, casted on and knitted away. We talked about using novelty in the last few rows. One chose Eros the other will use a different color wool.

I picked out 3 colors of Cascade 220 for my Martha/Cybil Striped Felted hat. If you saw the Martha Stewart made for tv movie it's the hat Cybil Shephard (who played Martha) wore as they were entering Turkey Hill for the first time. I'm going to play around with a Fiber Trends pattern to see what I can come up with. In my opinion, the hat was the only good thing about the movie.

Sunday the 13th I ordered from Knit Picks the book "Simply Knits"....received it on Thursday, the 17th. Now that's great service! So I finished the 3 hats that were in progress for the Guilds Christmas in August Knit a Hat for Charity project and casted on for this: Obi I'm using a yarn I have had in my stash since last August. (it was to be my France shawl but was never finished) It's a wool/silk blend in solid black. I hope the yarn will drap over my shoulders and won't be too bulky.

It was movie marathon yesterday afternoon: What Women Want, Kate and Leopold and A Knights Tale....Mel, Hugh and Heath...

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

At one point last Saturday afternnoon there were 5 generations of knitters sitting around the table at Ewe Knits. From age of 10 to 65ish and each generation inbetween. We were all knitting or looking for patterns for scarves.

This Saturday I will be teaching a felting class at Ewe Knits Kits and Yarn. 10:30 - 12:30 for the next two Saturdays, if you're interested. We'll be knitting the Fiber Trends Party Purse in the students choice of wool and novelty yarns.

Picked up Koigu Painters Palette (KPPPM) to make a second Landscape Shawl. The color on the label is 118 but doesn't look like the 118 posted. Can you tell I am really into this shawl? I'm going to try and change one of the patterns to a lacey stitch....

Haven't picked up Chin's Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl in a few weeks.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Decided to take a few weeks of vacation. It was nice. What did I do? Cleaned the house (moved furniture!), cleaned the carpets, power washed the house and driveway, trimmed 3 camelias, 15 azaleas, and 6 gardenia's, watched some movies, checked out the new Pier 1, the new AG Moore, sat on my patio and knitted.

What did I knit? Fiber Trends Landscape Shawl with Jo Sharp Tweed in a dark purple.

Now I'm back at work ....

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Have you been over to Bonne Marie's place in the last few days? Even though Beth told me she does the dying herself, I kept picturing big burly men in leather aprons, stubby cigars stuck between their lips, stirring big cauldrons of dye at Lorna's Laces. Thanks for sharing Bonne Marie.

Of course here I am without all the details....but on Saturday I was flipping through a Noro pattern book and came across a fun scarf where the pattern was also used on the bottom of a sweater. So using the leftover Kureyon, I knit a few repeats last night. It really shows off the beautiful striping and it blocked so beautifully. I'll take pictures, get the pattern, etc this weekend.

I'll be back to Charlotte's Easy Lace shawl tonight.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

The FiberTrends Party Purse out of Noro Kureyon and Peacock is felted and is currently drying. Looks nice. It didn't shrink very much though, so the strap is very long. Since it's a model for the store it will give everyone an idea of what to do or not to do. The Peacock went through the hot water/agitator very nicely.

I began the FiberTrends/Lily Chin Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl using Sockotta sock yarn. Not a difficult lace pattern to follow. A 4 row repeat. Working on Addi turbos. I may try out bamboo's as I'm having trouble with the end stitches slipping off.

I'm still having fun working at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn. There was a discussion on Knitter's Review about the strange things we do when buying yarn. It's been fun watching the customers shop. Some lay their choices together on the floor or table, some stand in front of the mirror with yarn around their necks, and others know what they want and just grab and go. As for me, the longer I stay in a yarn shop, the more I change my mind! Good thing I now have all day.....

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

As promised


<----------------- over on the left

That's an envelope next to the purse to show pre-felting size.

Monday, June 09, 2003

It was a delight to meet Beth Casey of Lorna's Laces this past weekend. And guess what....she dyes all of that yarn herself! She spent most of Saturday at Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn grand opening. She brought along some lovely shawls, a sweater set and shrug. Bobbie will be getting the patterns.

I finished several scarves that I don't think I mentioned here.

A cute triangle using "Zigane" by Skacel Yarns. I used size 17 needles, cast on 3 stitches, increased on each row until I hit 25, then increased on each row at each end until I ran out of yarn. I used 3 skeins. It's a generous size.

My other "creation" was with a Lorna's Lace Sport weight yarn in Rainbow #601 (at the bottom of the page). A slim semi-lacy thing. YO's and K2Tog across. Nothing fancy. I'm looking for a fun trim for the two edges still.

Now I'm working on a store sample of FiberTrends Party Purses using Noro Kureyon #102 with red and yellow Peacock. The purse took no time to knit (the small one) and I'm working on the i-cord now. In future, I think I'll do a provisional cast on and finagle a 3 needle bind off to seam the bottom. Whip stitching ....not my favorite thing to do.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I've made a few changes to "the list" over on the side. I'd get home and wouldn't have the links that I'd saved in my favorites at work and vice versa. I hope this solves the problem for me.

What fun I had working at Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn last Saturday! This weekend (June 6th & 7th) is the "Grand Opening". On Saturday between 11 and 2, Beth Casey, owner of Lorna's Laces will be here. I understand she'll be bringing some surprises. Glad I'm working again!

So it was fun to knit but boy does it grow when you wear it! "Beach" (cotton/linen/somethingfake) was a nice little shawl-ly type thing around my shoulders on Saturday morning and nearly dragging the ground by 5:00! I'll just rip out a few rows, that outta do it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Another long weekend of rain. Finally sun late Monday afternoon. And still so chilly. I wore a sweatshirt and jeans to walk Bailey last night. Doesn't feel like the end of May.

But the day lilies are blooming and the gardenia's have buds which tell me it will soon be June.

So Saturday morning I was up early and off to The Knitting Corner to see what new things have appeared on the shelves. No intention of buying, just didn't want to clean the house. Of course the sale wall called to me and I walked out with Meadows and Beach and 2 balls of Mission Falls cotton.

Then there was a stop to see if Pier 1 had opened (no) but Steinmart is right next door and was having a 30% off sale on purses...found a nice tote that I can use for a briefcase and a Laura Ashley-style quilted fabric purse (bamboo and palm trees print). And no Saturday is complete without a stop at Barnes and Noble (Town and Country magazine) and then Harris Teeter for groceries.

After groceries were put away and the house was cleaned, I had the rest of a rainy weekend to knit and watch tv.

Beach has become a lovely shoulder shawl with a knitted ball on one end and a tassel on the other. Very simple pattern that I concocted: cast on about 30, k2, yo, knit across, yo before last 2, k2. I did that until I had about 150 odd stitches on the needled (size 13) and that was it. Rather than a point in the back it all sort of rounds off and sits nicely on my shoulders. It is a bit long (or maybe I'm just short!) so with the Meadows I'll try another but stop at about 125 odd stitches. Oh and using size 13 made it really an "accessory", not a shawl for warmth.

I re-fell in love with Helene Hanff and her booksthis weekend. Watched the dvd 84 Charing Cross Road. After wiping away the tears, I re-read some of the letters in the book of the same name which led to the play and movie and then spent a good part of Sunday with some of her others works.

It must be the trip to England that Bess and her bdtook that has me suddenly recalculating how much more I need to put into savings so that I can walk down Charing Cross Road next year.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

My friends look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them "I was just hired to work in my dream job in retail, for minimal pay, Saturday hours, and half hour drive from my home!"

So I thought I'd share with my knitting friends who I think will understand....I'll be working part time at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn. Now I won't be giving up my day job, where I receive a nice paycheck, benefits and an office with a view of the river, but I get to experience working in an environment sooo different than what I "do". I've been on a high since I found out!

On to knitting news: Finished a great scarf out of the cotton/linen yarn that's been in my stash for a while. I bought it for the Knitting Experience scarf but it didn't work out well. But the Morehouse Farm 3 in 1 Scarf pattern worked really well.

I'm playing around now with some Lorna's Lace sock yarn in Rainbow. I think a shawl.

And I promise pictures .... just not sure when.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Had the pleasure of a sneak peek at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn brick and mortar store last night. Pretty pretty. Big windows to let the sun in, bright bright lights to see the true color of the yarns, lots of floor space for lots of yarns. Quiet opening May 27th. Grand opening June 6/7 ... with a surprise guest!

So how lucky am I? 3 great yarn shops (The Knitting Corner and Hook and I) within 20 minutes of my home! Come visit Virginia Beach and I'll show you around.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

My excuse for not updating is work. Blah!

The latest knitting news:

Valerie & Friend Bonnet is completed and is just tooo precious for words. I enjoyed working on it and was sad when it was finished.

Olde Towne History Trail Tour in Olde Town Portsmouth was, unfortunatly, not well attended. It was overcast and windy in the morning so perhaps that kept people away. Many of the guilds canceled. But the Tidewater Knitters Guild of Va had a great day knitting and chatting.

I finished the Whales and Sails hat. Made the small size in light blue with dark blue whales! Very cute.

On the needles now is Morehouse Farms "le Berat". It's an easy pattern. I'm at gauge but it looks to small for an adult. We'll see.

Off to more "Capability Maturity Model" foundation training....Blah! again

PS Blogger is making me mad.

Monday, May 05, 2003

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was all and more than I’d expected. All of my senses were tickled.

Departing at 6:00 a.m. and after a looong bus trip, the 30 odd Guild members debarked the Hound Dog bus at Noon on Saturday for 4 hours of shopping. S and I decided to stay together. After all, it was the first time for both of us and we were afraid we’d need a pal to say Enough!

As we walked up to the entrance there were the Knitters Review group with hellos and hugs. I’m sorry to say since we were so late arriving, we didn’t have much time to chat. So with promises to catch up in November, S and I were off.

Grabbing a program as we sped by the Welcome tent, we located the “big barn” on the map and headed that way. We made a few stops to admire yarn or roving and pet a lamb or two, but the barns were calling our names.

My first purchase was 140 yards of “Curry Leaf” a curry colored wool twisted with multicolored chenille from The Loom Room email:

As I walked back into the walkway of the barn I heard “Aunt Linda” shouted from across the room. There was my niece, K. She was there to sell her feeder lambs. It was a nice surprise, for even though we said we try and meet, we hadn’t made definite plans.

We were soon on our way, K having to go back to her sheep, and I spotted 800 yards of beautiful natural black merino wool from Greenwood Hill Farm. It’s more beautiful in the sunlight where the browns and reds really show nicely.

Our next stop to purchase was Shelridge Farm. Four hat patterns and a hat kit for me! Can’t wait to try their yarns and I’ve found additional patterns on their web site that I’ll be ordering. S fell in love with the “rainbow” sweater. It’s on her birthday wish list.

I took a small break from buying to just walk and absorb everything. Spinning wheels, needles, books, baskets, pins, roving, reds, blues, greens, and little antique pincushions.

That is until I found Keystone Cashmere email: and purchased a tiny baby bonnet kit and admired the basket weave scarf…on my to buy list.

Not two booths away, or was it the very next booth…Morehouse Farms pulled me in with “le Berat” kit in a yummy periwinkle and “3 in 1 lace scarf kit” in chocolate brown.

We followed the smell of coffee to the 4-H refreshment booth. With oat brownies and bottles of water in hand, we stood in the sun to catch our breath before tackling the rest of the vendors.

My last purchasing stop was at The Cooperage email for sari silk hanks. I thought it would make a nice “thank you” gift for my friend who watched Bailey for the day. She crochets lovely evening purses and I thought she would enjoy it. Of course had to get one for myself as well!

I waited at the door while S ran back to purchase cashmere scarf kits (one for her and one for her husband) and looked and listened. Drop spindle spinners lined up on a bench, families picnicking in the grass, little ones rolling down the hill, friends calling to one another to “come look” at a new find, lovers strolling hand in hand, husbands holding packages while their wives looked and wives holding packages while their husbands shopped, sheep bleating, farm smells.

Back up the hill we did a final run through of a barn we wanted to take one more peek in and then it was off to the outside vendors. We met “Dixie” and I coveted some of her coat spun in light airy finger weight peach color…but I left it for others to purchase.

We took our time admiring the competition entries. What beautiful work!

And it was back to the bus where we all admired each other’s purchases. Wool and kits and wool and jewelry and needles and jelly and patterns and baskets and wool and many “I didn’t see that!” and "What vendor?" and even a few knitters who purchased "already knitted sweater!" because they were "so cheap!"

After 3 traffic jams, an hour at Cracker Barrel for dinner (another first for me), stops in Williamsburg and Hampton to drop off members from other Guilds, we arrived back at our starting point about 11:00 p.m. Good-byes were said, see ya Monday at the Guild meeting were promised and the parking lot emptied.

Bailey was picked up, sari silk ooh’d at and it was home to bed.

I sat down Sunday evening to admire my purchases and make plans for the yarn. As I looked through the program one last time I came across the map…we missed Buildings 1, 2 and 3!

But it’s only 364 day to the Maryland Sheep and Wool 2004!

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Just 3 days until it's off to Maryland Sheep and Wool. Veteran MSW attendees from the Guild tell me it's about 4 1/2 hours on the bus. We stop twice to pick up riders in Hampton and Williamsburg. And then a stop at McDonald's for breakfast.

Virginia Beach Spring Market was a whopping success. More people than ever stopped by to ask about the Guild and where to take knitting lessons. I met a very talented 7 year old who already designs her own knitted hats and a 74 year old who is "tired of knitting bulky cables. I want to learn how to do that color knitting".

Another event that The Tidewater Knitting Guild of Virginia will be participating in will be held May 10th. The Olde Towne History Trail Tour in Olde Town Portsmouth. Portsmouth is "home" for me. My fathers family for as far back as we can document has lived there. I grew up there. I graduated from the same school as my great grandmother, grandmother, and father. Okay, back to today.....It will be a fun day of historic tours, guilds, re-enactments and the Gosport Arts Festival.

As for knitting....the Cabled headband is completed, the tails on the Dale are neatly hidden, and Valerie & Friend Bonnet has been started.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

In case you missed Kim's mention of this site I have to share it. Miniature sweaters! Little Stitches

Monday, April 21, 2003

Stopped by the Knitting Corner on Saturday. Purchased yarn (Mission Falls 1824 Wool) for ChickKnits Cabled Headband. Have 3 repeats done. Also bought Lambs Pride Cotton Fleece (I think) for a baby bonnet from Fiber Trends.

I've pulled out about 10 patterns to take with me to Maryland Sheep and Wool on May 1st. My plan is to only buy yarn for a pattern. And I won't bet on how long it takes me to break that plan.

Easter Sunrise Service was the right way for me to have begun my day yesterday. It was a beautiful, thought provoking, peaceful service. She knew what I was seeking.

Put the ham in the oven (tangerine and brown sugar glaze), put eggs on to boil, washed the potatoes, snapped the rings at 10:30 a.m. ... we're not able to make it, going to a friends house for dinner instead of yours...okay, so now I have a free day what do I do with it?

Out came Dale of Norway Salt Lake City Olympic . Here's sleeve 1 incase you've forgotten what it looks like.

I still needed to do the chart work for Sleeve 2. So while the ham baked, Bailey snoozed and Justin Timberlake sang, I finished sleeve 2. And to my utter joy the two sleeves match!

So the sleeves (which still need to be bound off) and the Cable Headband will go with me to Virginia Beach Spring Market.

Bailey and I enjoyed the ham, green beans and baked potatoes!

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Going Home is off to Coco.

I only have two projects on needles right now, Charlotte's Web which is all of 5 rows and Dale SLC which needs a second sleeve. The sock won't happen anytime soon. I"ve no interest in making socks. Maybe it will become a hat.

The back issues of Interweave Knitters that I ordered arrived. Only 4 of the 8 though...they were out of the ones I really wanted...I was too late I guess...

My plan for this Saturday afternoon is to look through patterns and make a list for Maryland Sheep and Wool. My niece will be there. Look for her in the feeder sheep barn. She's the one with the pretty smile.

And if you're in the Virginia Beach area April 25th, 26th, or 27th look for the The Knitting Guild of Virgina at the Virginia Beach Spring Market. I'll be there on Saturday. Lots of vendor selling their crafts and yummy foods.

My archives have gone to the land of the lost....I guess blogger will find them....

Monday, April 14, 2003

While sitting in the lobby of the Lexington Park Hampton Inn yesterday, I managed to get in about an hours worth of knitting while listening to the release of the 7 POW's on MSNBC and the chatter of about 100 Little League boys getting ready for their second day of the first tournament of the season.

Coco's PeaceFleece hat is off the needles. All that is left is stitching down the interface. I've named it Going Home in honor of the 6 men and 1 woman who are on their way home.

Welcome home....

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

My weekly update!

Coco's Fuzzy Feet are in the mail to her. Along with a sample of the wool for her hat. Which is completed up to the second braid. It'll go with me this weekend. My neice is getting married and I'll have a few hours in the hotel to work on it I'm sure.

Pulled out the Koigu Charlotte's Web shawl kit this past weekend. My intention was to just get the yarn in balls for knitting...couldn't resist trying the pattern. Good thing. I was a bit confused on the instructions. Took it into the Guild meeting last night and between Debbie and Bobbie, they have me on the right track.....

Now back to my socks...still on cuff number 1. I don't think I'm a sock person....

And as for the Dale sweater....don't ask!

Thursday, April 03, 2003

How many times have I heard or read when using two circulars to knit in the round, keep your working needle infront? The answer is countless!

Settled in to watch tv last night (West Wing, Roar), picked up the Regia sock and began knitting, low and behold, I was seeing the purl side.....hmmm, flipped it inside out which brought the needle I was knitting off of to the front....ta da! no more ladders.

Moral of the story: Keep your working needle in front!

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

My law student friend named her Fuzzy Feet Tweetie.

Finished Coco's Fuzzy Feet. They'll be sent to her soon.

And speaking of Coco, the yarn for her PeeceFleece hat is now in 5 nice neat balls ready to be cast on. Maybe tonight.

Began my first pair of sock....Regia Jacquard..using two circulars....having terrible ladder problems....but the ladders are very neat....Think I'll play around with moving a knit stitch to be the last stitch on a needle so I can have knit stitch as my second stitch on the next needle and perhaps when I pull the stitch it will stay tightened.I understood that did you? Could it be the yarn? I've knit many a hat with two circulars and double points and no ladders in sight. Must experiment.

Received an order from ebay..Bfuria..some nice bright red wool, a blue fingering weight, and a nice sport weight pink heather. I'd like a casual sweater from the pink heather. I'll have to do some swatching.

I placed an order with Interweave Press yesterday for a few back issue of Knitters. Thanks for the heads up on the sale Bess!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Another pair of fuzzy feet are completed. For my friend the law student. They look just like Chickie...bright yellow!

And another pair on the needles for Coco...again bright yellow so no need for pictures...

In my opinion, the knitting demonstration at the school was a disaster. Thirty 6 year olds do not want to see anyone knit...they'd rather throw the balls of yarn around in the air....And it was 25 -30 five, six and seven year olds every 15 minutes for 4 hours. I was exhausted!

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Peace Fleece yarn for Coco's hat!

Fuzzy "Chickie" Feet...they remind me of Peeps! See Bess' blog for full details!

And here is Monkey-Bear....made from Mr. Bean pattern buuuttt kinda reminds me of a monkey.

Fuzzy "Chickie" Feet are completed! Felted very nicely too. I knit a third one to take with me to the school for knitting demo. I think the kids will get a kick out of them...I do!

The yarn for Coco's Braided Beaded Hat arrived yesterday from Peace Fleece.

Pictures were taken of all and I would post them BUT the batteries died and I can't seem to locate the "so I'll remember where it is" place I stored the electrical cord to the camera.

Preparing for a knitting demonstration at a local elementary school on Friday. 800 plus students..ack! So I've gotten together small items that I've knitted along with lots of different needles and yarns. And I picked up some beads last night to play around with. I understand there will be quite a few demonstrations of different "arts"... bobbin lace, spinning, felting, basket weaving and quilting.

This Saturday, The Frances Land House in Virginia Beach ( is hosting A Gathering of the Guilds . It's a fun day for the family. Our guild will be represented as will quilters, blacksmith, bee keeping, etc. Oh, it's free!

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Fuzzy Feet 1 is completed and the heel is turned and gusset complete on number 2. Was able to complete all but the last few rows on a 16" circular. Then using a second circular I made a nice toe.

Ordered yarn from Peace Fleece for my friend Coco's Braided Beaded Hat.

Dale SLC grabs my ankle every time I pass the sofa. There it sits in it's basket wanting to be finished...maybe this weekend...maybe not.

Received my copy of Easy Knitting and Crochet....this month it seems to be more crochet...glad it was my last subscription issue. I mean I do crochet but I subscribed for the Knitting....the v-necked vest is cute and the article on beading looked pretty good at a quick glance....I'll have to study more....

Monday, March 10, 2003


"Mine" is completed! The interfacing has stopped the curling. I love my hat.

Began a pair of Fuzzy Feet. Began the toe decreases on the first one and so far have been able to do all on a 16" circular. Will go to two circular's in a few rows. I'm using a bright yellow wool that I bought from ebay. Reminds me of baby chicks or ducks....might have to put a pair of wiggly eyes on 'em!

Thursday, March 06, 2003

"Mine" is off the needles and is sporting a cute beaded tassle. I wore it while watching tv last night. Toasty warm!

I thought the pattern was printed out of order. The designer says to bind off, add the tassle/beads to the top and then there are instructions for an interfacing of an inch. After wearing it an hour or so I think I undertand why the interfacing is needed. I believe it is to keep the first braid from rolling up when you move your head, which it did. I'll pick up and knit the interfacing next and see how it does.

The next one I make...and I'm sure I will...I'll do a provisional cast on vs. picking up the stitches.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Although not finished, the Peace Fleece Beaded Braided Hat (which I lovingly call "Mine") was the hit of the Guild meeting Monday night. (The Knitting Guild of Virginia, if you're interested). Ladies who have completed the most complicated Norwegians and Kaffe's I've ever seen were facsinated by the braid. Gloat over...hahahaha.

Only a few more rows before I finish her. B needed some TLC last night so I indulged him and only got in a few rows.

As for the sits.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Why do I even think I can leave The Knitting Corner with just what I had walked in needing? And it's not like the ladies push anything on me, I do it by myself!

Saturday it was size 6 16" circulars or double points or the double points....also walked out with Jo Sharp West Cape Howe Collection...I'm new to Jo Sharp and her sweaters have pulled me in hard!

Peace Fleece Scarf: It's finished or should I say all of the skeins are on the what to do what to do?

Peace Fleece Beaded Braided Hat:...........(scroll down) the braid intrigued me. I had to see what it looked like (hence the need for size 6 needles because I couldn't get gauge with 5 or 7 or and I end up using a 24" circular, 16's would've been too short). So Saturday night I casted on and completed the braid (I had to pat myself on the back for following the directions so carefully that when I flipped it over Voila! there was the braid). It loked so good that I continued to knit and knit and knit. By last night the chart and second braid were complete and now my thoughts turn back to the Scarf....should they match?

What to do...what to do?

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Project updates:

Knitting Experience Scarf : even after pulling out 6 rows and reshaping to make the ends pointyer, I didn't like it. It didn's wrap nicely around my neck. Sooo, I ripped it out and it's in nice little balls waiting for the next project. I'm going to try the scarf with a different yarn. It could be the blend of cotton, silk and something might be the cause.

Peace Fleece Scarf: on the other hand, I'm making great strides on the scarf.
Ukrainian Red
Khrushchev Corn
Siberian Midnight
Shaba Green
Georgia Rose
Baku Black
Antarctica White

Monday, February 24, 2003

Received the wool and hat kit from PeaceFleece on Friday. Great stuff!

Played around with the hat pattern. Easy to follow and on nice card stock.

The wool colors are great!

Mini skeins of wool

Little balls of wool:

I've begun knitting a scarf. PeaceFleece Scarf. Casted on 23 and working in a k1,p1 Seed/Moss stitch. Started with the Ukrainian Red and into the Khrushchev Corn...both worked up nicely with a good feel in my hands.

Dale Sweater. Still haven't touched it in a while. Here are some pictures:

Knitting Experience Scarf. Finished it actually....didn't like the blunt ends so ripped it back and am redoing with pointyer ends by adding one stitch to each end....we'll see! Guess I can't call it Knitting Experience Scarf any longer....hmmm....

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Played around with a hat design last night. Didn't turn out the way I wanted. So I should pull out a pattern!

Watched some of The Four Feathers dvd last night. I sometimes feel I am the only person in the world that loves that movie...well me and Shekhar Kapur! I can't wait to watch it with his commentary turned on to hear what his vision for the movie was and if he achieved it. Did watch the "extras" and he explained how the music was written and used in some of the scenes.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Added a link to Knitters Review...does it work?
It has been a while since I was here. Not much has happened. I've not much desire to knit right now for some reason.

It was a long dark weekend. Rain began on Friday and didn't stop until Monday night. .

I did watch Pride and Prejudice on DVD. Why do I always hold my breath until Miss Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy declare their love for one another? The romantic in me I guess.

It was the same with Joe Millionaire. It was so lovely the two of them dancing together at the end. Course they were happy..they just got $500,000 each!

Dale Sweater Sleeve 1 is complete and I think it fits. I've not desire to begin the chart for sleeve 2 yet. I'm not a chart person. It was a simple chart though...

Scarf ripped back 8 rows on the scarf. I found a mistake. I tried to fix it by dropping down the stitch but garter doesn't fix like stst evidently. I'll ask the experts on Knitters Review.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Dale Sweater: I have 3 more rows before sleeve 1 is complete! The last three purl rows..woohoo! Now let's hope it fits. I'll purl the last row onto size 4 24" circulars and try it on my arm before I bind off to be sure.

Scarf: didn't work on the scarf last night. Too excited about the Dale sleeve!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Dales Sweater: Sleeve 1 almost completed!!!! About 5 rows left on the chart and then it's on to Sleeve 2.

Scarf: And the scarf is turning our really nice. I'm ready to turn and cast on the final 49 stitches. It was a quicky!

Ordered about 10 mini skeins from Peace Fleece today. as well as the red tundra hat. It will be nice to be able to sample what they sell.

Monday, February 10, 2003

By Friday night I had both sleeves completed to the chart.

Saturday afternoon sat down with sleeve 1. Finished 22 rows of the chart. Ripped back 6 rows...grrrrr...

Sunday afternoon fixed sleeve 1 and reknit to row 22 on the chart.

I also began the Sally Melville scarf using Reynolds Meadows in pretty blues/tans (60% cotton, 25% viscose, 15% linen) which I found at The Knitting Corner on their sale wall. Was $4.99 and marked at 1/2 price. I'm using size 5 needles and it's working up nicely.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Mama's at my brothers.....a peaceful knitting evening at home. I love my mother but she loves to talk.

I can't believe the only project on needles right now is my Dale sweater....oh the horror! But it is nice to see the progress on the sleeves. Have about 16 rows left on the second sleeve and then will re-measure both. I should be at 7 1/4 inches and need to get to 8 1/2 before I begin the chart work.

And then I steek!

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Cafe au Lait and kntting....perfect combination. No one showed up at Starbucks last night but I enjoyed myself. Finished both socks. Pretty pink fuzzy edgings!

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Last night was Guild night. About 50 attended. We had 4 new ladies join. Rather impressive. Business meeting rather dull. I won a door prize...several skeins of cotton in a pearl green and tan colors. Also was able to pick up some rabbit fur for spinning. Only 3 ladies brought in their Edi Bear sweaters.

One of the great knitters of our area is dying. Sad. She's in good spirits.

Our program was embellishing gloves. I brought a sock. I'll make a pretty pink edging for them and send them to Liza for Valentines.

Heading over to Starbucks for coffee and knitting tonight. I made the announcement at the meeting, wonder who will show up.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Columbia will be remembered.

It was a busy knitting weekend.

Sue and I saw "The Hours" on Saturday. Wow!

I must make myself read Mrs. Dalloway. Perhaps find the video first. I could kick myself for dropping out of the Bookclub before this was discussed. Barnes and Nobles still doesn't have any books in stock...backordered.

Back to the movie....there is a line said by one of the characters about knowing you didn't want children that had tears rolling down my face. If I hadn't been in a crowded theater I would have been sobbing. My knitting sat in my lap the entire movie.

But afterwards, Sue and I checked out B&N on Va Beach Blvd then she was off to get her hair cut. I headed over to Starbucks on Eden Way for lunch and knitting. Spicy cheese twist and cafe au lait and completed the Paton's Chunky hat up to decrease 5...16" circulars were too short to continue. Turned out nice. I like the yarn now! Here 's the pattern I used.

Very Simple Hat
Pattern I used:
cast on 72
join in round
k2,P1 for 8 rows
then st st for a few inches
decrease by k6, k2tog
knit 2 rows
decrease by k5, k2tog
continue with decrease rows until k2 across.
slip stitches on piece of yarn and tie off.

Sunday afternoon I cast on and knitted through the first chart section on sleeve 2 of the Dale sweater. The color isn't off by much..whew!

Straightening up my magazine stack I came across a Cast On (Winter) issue that I hadn't looked at. [:)]

Tonight is our monthly Guild Meeting. I'm secretary in case you're wondering. I take notes. I take notes very well. We'll also have a mini class on embelishing gloves with fun yarns. I've got a sock I'm going to use. If it turns out well I'll send them down to Liza. She's always sending me little trinkets. And we should be showing and telling our little bear sweaters from Edie's class. It should be an entertaining meeting.