Friday, December 05, 2003

Expect the expected...Be prepared...

Just had an I told ya so moment. Glad she was on the phone. I was able to do my little dance and make a face without her seeing. Has to do with my "mortgage paying job" and the fact that 3 months or so I told my boss she would not be able to move 40,000 customers in 6 mo's time and she insisted she could....she told me today the dates on her project have changed ...her project must be completed before mine can begin because I'm moving the phonelines that her customers use she wants me to replan my project based on the new dates and have the info to her on Monday morning (it's Friday 2:00 now). I'm 20 steps ahead of her. I have a second (and third and fourth) plan already calculated and in a document ready to send to her. I know the business, I know our support units and know what they can and can't do. They're good, but callling and having 40,000 customers do something while you have them on the phone takes more than 6 months time. My fourth plan has dates out into 2005.....

Did I tell you about my vacation? With so many managers this year, each asking me to "postpone your vacation until we get the department back on it's feet" (I was on my feet, they didn't know what they were doing) has left me with 12 days of vacation.....which I have now scheduled for Dec 15 - Dec 31! Woohoo! 3 weeks. My what I want to do list is getting really long.

Played around with some left over Cascade 220 the other night. Using size 10 needles, I casted on 40 stitches and st st for about 2 yards. Then felted. I was imagining a beautiful felted scarf with cut fringe on the ends. Fabric if you will. I almost have it I think.

Result is a yard of material, a bit thicker than I'd like. And the ends flair. But cuts nicely for fringe. Next try will be with larger needles, fewer stitches and not so long in the water.

Optically Delusional back is at the point i can stop increasing and begin working towards the shoulders. With DK wt yarn and size 6 needles you knit forever!

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