Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puppy update...again!

I'd heard that to raise a puppy for GED you must be flexible and expect changes.

Arrangements have been made so that Persia will go to her raisers home.

Hanny will be coming to me sometime next week.

It could be Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday...or maybe another day.

Not sure where she'll be. Might have to go to Richmond to get her. Or maybe she'll be brought here.

She was born September 14th.

She has 9 siblings...Hadley, Hagrid, Harlow, Hildy, Harvard, Hosta, Houston, Honor, Hopi

Her mother, Moni, is black. Her father, Yuri, tan. Both Labradors.

The GED site has just undergone some changes and pictures of the litters are not available so I can't see what color puppies are in her litter.

What color do you think she'll be?

What day do you think she'll get here?

How many toys do you think Santa will bring her?

In other news: There is still knitting!!!! In fact, ArtsyFish and I spent this past weekend at the Knitters Review Retreat in Williamstown, MA. Details to follow as soon as I can puppy proof my house!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Puppy update

Pulled into the parking lot of the 4H Building where last nights meeting was taking place and there outside on the sidewalk were 5 little puppies working really hard at sitting and standing and downing (is that a word?).

And mixed in with the 3 yellows and 1 black labs was our newest puppy Diesel...a German Shepherd!

Yes... I know I said in an earlier post that GS were not raised in this area but M, who began the program at the same time as I, has raised and trained GS for years. She and one of her GS just won several ribbons at a national competition.

So having Diesel among the Labs will be interesting. Labs will work for food, Shepherds not so much.

As for me...it's still up in the air. After talking with the coordinators this afternoon I may babysit Persia for a month or so in December. She's the sister of Primrose & Paulson. Her current raiser is a true "puppy raiser". She/He raises the dog until they're 4-5 months old.

Which works well for those who wish to raise a dog for GEB but cannot be home to care for a "baby" (multiple feedings, outside to potty, etc). They get the puppy when it's old enough to be crated a few hours and no longer needs that mid day meal.

But Persia is not local and may be able to find a permanent placement. If so, it will probably be sometime in January before the next group of puppies are brought down.

So that's the puppy update.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Comments ....

Diane writes ...Hi and thanks for this pattern, i have done it in different yarn and added a pocket to the front and I am so pleased with it(see my project in Ravelry) I tried to attribute it to you but im fairly new and i dont think it worked out right.Made it for my friends xmas so i hope she likes it.

I'd love to take a peek Diane. What is your Ravelry name? And I love the idea of a pocket! A bit of lavender would be nice to add.

Croby writes...I reallly like your using the ribbing instead of closure. This will work with someone with limited dexterity in the hands.

I did try a button closure but that was a bit fiddly to get the HWB into/outof. So ribbing it is.

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the pattern. I've knit a head band with the left over yarn. I'll post a picture and the pattern later.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

November Nor'Easter!

I thought the leaves were beginning to turn a pretty golden color on the trees that line the back of my yard so snapped a picture on Tuesday. They're on golf course property.


I didn't really want to see the leaves up close so soon!


If you look beyond the fence you'll see the pond that develops during heavy rains. So far it hasn't entered my yard. It's ankle deep.


I'm staying in and knitting hats.