Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Another long weekend of rain. Finally sun late Monday afternoon. And still so chilly. I wore a sweatshirt and jeans to walk Bailey last night. Doesn't feel like the end of May.

But the day lilies are blooming and the gardenia's have buds which tell me it will soon be June.

So Saturday morning I was up early and off to The Knitting Corner to see what new things have appeared on the shelves. No intention of buying, just didn't want to clean the house. Of course the sale wall called to me and I walked out with Meadows and Beach and 2 balls of Mission Falls cotton.

Then there was a stop to see if Pier 1 had opened (no) but Steinmart is right next door and was having a 30% off sale on purses...found a nice tote that I can use for a briefcase and a Laura Ashley-style quilted fabric purse (bamboo and palm trees print). And no Saturday is complete without a stop at Barnes and Noble (Town and Country magazine) and then Harris Teeter for groceries.

After groceries were put away and the house was cleaned, I had the rest of a rainy weekend to knit and watch tv.

Beach has become a lovely shoulder shawl with a knitted ball on one end and a tassel on the other. Very simple pattern that I concocted: cast on about 30, k2, yo, knit across, yo before last 2, k2. I did that until I had about 150 odd stitches on the needled (size 13) and that was it. Rather than a point in the back it all sort of rounds off and sits nicely on my shoulders. It is a bit long (or maybe I'm just short!) so with the Meadows I'll try another but stop at about 125 odd stitches. Oh and using size 13 made it really an "accessory", not a shawl for warmth.

I re-fell in love with Helene Hanff and her booksthis weekend. Watched the dvd 84 Charing Cross Road. After wiping away the tears, I re-read some of the letters in the book of the same name which led to the play and movie and then spent a good part of Sunday with some of her others works.

It must be the trip to England that Bess and her bdtook that has me suddenly recalculating how much more I need to put into savings so that I can walk down Charing Cross Road next year.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

My friends look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them "I was just hired to work in my dream job in retail, for minimal pay, Saturday hours, and half hour drive from my home!"

So I thought I'd share with my knitting friends who I think will understand....I'll be working part time at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn. Now I won't be giving up my day job, where I receive a nice paycheck, benefits and an office with a view of the river, but I get to experience working in an environment sooo different than what I "do". I've been on a high since I found out!

On to knitting news: Finished a great scarf out of the cotton/linen yarn that's been in my stash for a while. I bought it for the Knitting Experience scarf but it didn't work out well. But the Morehouse Farm 3 in 1 Scarf pattern worked really well.

I'm playing around now with some Lorna's Lace sock yarn in Rainbow. I think a shawl.

And I promise pictures .... just not sure when.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Had the pleasure of a sneak peek at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn brick and mortar store last night. Pretty pretty. Big windows to let the sun in, bright bright lights to see the true color of the yarns, lots of floor space for lots of yarns. Quiet opening May 27th. Grand opening June 6/7 ... with a surprise guest!

So how lucky am I? 3 great yarn shops (The Knitting Corner and Hook and I) within 20 minutes of my home! Come visit Virginia Beach and I'll show you around.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

My excuse for not updating is work. Blah!

The latest knitting news:

Valerie & Friend Bonnet is completed and is just tooo precious for words. I enjoyed working on it and was sad when it was finished.

Olde Towne History Trail Tour in Olde Town Portsmouth was, unfortunatly, not well attended. It was overcast and windy in the morning so perhaps that kept people away. Many of the guilds canceled. But the Tidewater Knitters Guild of Va had a great day knitting and chatting.

I finished the Whales and Sails hat. Made the small size in light blue with dark blue whales! Very cute.

On the needles now is Morehouse Farms "le Berat". It's an easy pattern. I'm at gauge but it looks to small for an adult. We'll see.

Off to more "Capability Maturity Model" foundation training....Blah! again

PS Blogger is making me mad.

Monday, May 05, 2003

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was all and more than I’d expected. All of my senses were tickled.

Departing at 6:00 a.m. and after a looong bus trip, the 30 odd Guild members debarked the Hound Dog bus at Noon on Saturday for 4 hours of shopping. S and I decided to stay together. After all, it was the first time for both of us and we were afraid we’d need a pal to say Enough!

As we walked up to the entrance there were the Knitters Review group with hellos and hugs. I’m sorry to say since we were so late arriving, we didn’t have much time to chat. So with promises to catch up in November, S and I were off.

Grabbing a program as we sped by the Welcome tent, we located the “big barn” on the map and headed that way. We made a few stops to admire yarn or roving and pet a lamb or two, but the barns were calling our names.

My first purchase was 140 yards of “Curry Leaf” a curry colored wool twisted with multicolored chenille from The Loom Room email:

As I walked back into the walkway of the barn I heard “Aunt Linda” shouted from across the room. There was my niece, K. She was there to sell her feeder lambs. It was a nice surprise, for even though we said we try and meet, we hadn’t made definite plans.

We were soon on our way, K having to go back to her sheep, and I spotted 800 yards of beautiful natural black merino wool from Greenwood Hill Farm. It’s more beautiful in the sunlight where the browns and reds really show nicely.

Our next stop to purchase was Shelridge Farm. Four hat patterns and a hat kit for me! Can’t wait to try their yarns and I’ve found additional patterns on their web site that I’ll be ordering. S fell in love with the “rainbow” sweater. It’s on her birthday wish list.

I took a small break from buying to just walk and absorb everything. Spinning wheels, needles, books, baskets, pins, roving, reds, blues, greens, and little antique pincushions.

That is until I found Keystone Cashmere email: and purchased a tiny baby bonnet kit and admired the basket weave scarf…on my to buy list.

Not two booths away, or was it the very next booth…Morehouse Farms pulled me in with “le Berat” kit in a yummy periwinkle and “3 in 1 lace scarf kit” in chocolate brown.

We followed the smell of coffee to the 4-H refreshment booth. With oat brownies and bottles of water in hand, we stood in the sun to catch our breath before tackling the rest of the vendors.

My last purchasing stop was at The Cooperage email for sari silk hanks. I thought it would make a nice “thank you” gift for my friend who watched Bailey for the day. She crochets lovely evening purses and I thought she would enjoy it. Of course had to get one for myself as well!

I waited at the door while S ran back to purchase cashmere scarf kits (one for her and one for her husband) and looked and listened. Drop spindle spinners lined up on a bench, families picnicking in the grass, little ones rolling down the hill, friends calling to one another to “come look” at a new find, lovers strolling hand in hand, husbands holding packages while their wives looked and wives holding packages while their husbands shopped, sheep bleating, farm smells.

Back up the hill we did a final run through of a barn we wanted to take one more peek in and then it was off to the outside vendors. We met “Dixie” and I coveted some of her coat spun in light airy finger weight peach color…but I left it for others to purchase.

We took our time admiring the competition entries. What beautiful work!

And it was back to the bus where we all admired each other’s purchases. Wool and kits and wool and jewelry and needles and jelly and patterns and baskets and wool and many “I didn’t see that!” and "What vendor?" and even a few knitters who purchased "already knitted sweater!" because they were "so cheap!"

After 3 traffic jams, an hour at Cracker Barrel for dinner (another first for me), stops in Williamsburg and Hampton to drop off members from other Guilds, we arrived back at our starting point about 11:00 p.m. Good-byes were said, see ya Monday at the Guild meeting were promised and the parking lot emptied.

Bailey was picked up, sari silk ooh’d at and it was home to bed.

I sat down Sunday evening to admire my purchases and make plans for the yarn. As I looked through the program one last time I came across the map…we missed Buildings 1, 2 and 3!

But it’s only 364 day to the Maryland Sheep and Wool 2004!