Thursday, December 03, 2009

Like waiting for Santa

What I'm watching on TV right now. My hair is in a bun like Aunt Bea's. Mine's falling down though.

Aunt Bea & Mrs Johnson

Christmas is on it's way! Spice drops are on the shelf.

spice drops

A "Doo Dad". It can be put on sweater, hat, scarf, where ever. I think mine will become the edge of a side to side shawl.

doo dad

The Full Moon this morning at about 6:30 from my front porch.

moon at morning

At the ready

I pick up Hanney early tomorrow morning. Here is a picture of 5 from the litter. A lot older than the newborns with their mom.

Do you think she's one of them?

Her borrowed crate (thanks Maggie!), toy, water bowl, leash, and chewy are in the car. The Garmin is programmed. My alarm is set, clothes ready to throw on, coffee in the Keurig, car keys and glasses ready.

It all for a 15 minute drive!

More Retreat stories and pictures

Clara Parkes has published her newsletter with her side of the KR Retreat. She includes a Retreat Poem, the Retreat Wedding Vows we made with our new projects and lots and lots of pictures.

Click here and scroll down to Clara's links.