Wednesday, May 14, 2008

To explain...

To the Raveler who questioned my use of the term telemarker: It is the term the Client Group I supported while working for Big Bank used to differentiate groups of associates that answered incoming calls. Those that assisted customers or client groups with a problem were Customer Service Associates. Those that answered incoming calls from customers or potential customers that were responding to a mailing were Telemarkers. Why? I don't know. It was better to accept the things I could not control slide by and concentrate on my part of the projects because there were so many acronyms that I had to know and use for my job there was not much brain left for other things...except knitting!... I always saved a few cells for that.

The reason I did not respond to your question on Ravelry? By habit, I clicked on delete vs reply and I didn't remember your Ravelry name. I also do not keep up with all of the Ravelry groups and don't remember which one you used to find my blog.

As for the cute picture, that's my boy!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Have it make sense!

This is bothering me 2 hours after it happened so I must I the only one who wishes the companies who write the speil telemarkers use would proof read it?

The woman who called kept saying/telling me that I needed to "support breast cancer". Not "support breast cancer research" or "support cancer awareness" or even "donate to provide education/tests/etc for those without insurance". No. She wanted me to support breast cancer.

And she said it many times. Even after I mentioned that I didn't support breast cancer because it was a nasty thing. I was scolded because "you don't care woman are dying".

Well, yes I do care woman are dying and men too. But I support and donate to breast cancer research, I don't support breast cancer.

She hoped I would have a blessed day and hung up.

She was from "Pink Ribbon". I've not heard of them. Maybe I'll "google" them...which of course is not a verb it's a proper noun.

Monday, May 05, 2008

MS&W '08

I spent the first 30 minutes in a bit of a sensory panic. I then let go of the requirement to keep up with 3 other knitters and enjoyed my day.

Spirit TrailSpirit-Trail Fibers 1000 yards of a beautiful merino lace wt.

shawl scarfSwirl Shawl by

summerhandspun by