Wednesday, September 17, 2003


This is going to sound crazy, but I'm ready for some blustery weather. I'm looking forward to being confined to my house for 24 hours. But I don't want damage to anyone or anything and I know I can't have it both. Am I making sense?

This morning was so beautiful and strange. Clear blue skies, gentle breeze, low humidity and no birds singing. So very quiet. Bailey has been plastered to my side all day.

The dark clouds arrived about 3:00 and the rain at 4:30. But it's a nice gentle rain. Bailey and I took what might be our last walk for 24 hours in it.

Latest weather report shows that Chesapeake should feel the brunt of the hurricane at 5:00 pm tomorrow.

Did anyone hear modeknits mentioned on Ellen DeGeneres show today? A pat on the back for Annie!