Sunday, October 04, 2009

Fall Fiber Festival & Dog Trials

Yesterday, bright and early (8:30am!) Artsyfish, Macadoodle and I headed northwest to Montpelier for the 22nd Annual Fall Fiber Festival. We had a beautiful day. No rain. A nice breeze. Lots of sunshine.

I still cannot raise my right arm high enough to actually see what I'm taking a picture of. Right hand holds camera, left hand presses button. They are what they are.

Much smaller than MS&W

Random 3

it's a nice size with a nice selection of fiber, yarn, wheels, and animals (rabbits, goats, llamas, alpacas, sheep & dogs)


Random 2

Artsy went with a mission. She wanted to try out different wheels. She came home with Majacraft "Rose" from Misty Mountain Fibers.

Joanne & Linda

She smiled like this all the way home

Joanne and her new wheelMission Accomplished

Mac was looking for pink yarn. Not much pink out this year. But she did find a nice hand dyed fingering wt. Here she is putting it away.


Mac and I walked around until we saw something new and different. We both fell in love with this cotton from Wolle


Four colors that "blend" into one another. These are the 2 skeins that came home with me.

And I cannot pass up lace wt. especially these 3 skeins from "The Drafting Zone"


It was a super fun day. (I'll come back later and update the brand of wheel Artsy purchased and the store she purchased from. It has left my mind!)