Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Back to square one....

Pulled out the Optically Delusional last night (from Simply Knit). I was short 2 stitches on each side of the mitered corner. Suppose to be 112 stitches on each side of the marker...I had 111. Grrrr.....So I was taking out one row at a time and that was too slow. So I ripped back to where I added the new strand of yarns....about 15 rows and 4 hours of work at Knitters Review Retreat. Oh well, I'm back on track. And I've decided to count every other row.

I threw the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille Facecloth in the wash on Sunday with jeans, sweatshirts and dark towels. (no lint was seen) Then into the dryer it went. It came out soft soft soft! I washed my face with it on Monday and it's an okay washcloth (I like a little rougher texture) But it's still bleeding and it took forever to air dry. Still damp this morning (Tuesday). I don't think anymore washclothes are in my future. I'm thinking baby blanket though.

I picked up copies of Simply Knit 2 and Jameson Knitting Book 3 (I think that's the title, the one with the lady wearing the white shawl on the front) on Saturday. I have a list of things I'd like to make from each one. LOL I have tooo many lists!

One of which is Thanksgiving dinner....chicken, dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, jello salad, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie. It'll be my mother and I and she likes traditional foods. The one year I told her I had chicken instead of turkey she cried...tears and all....off and on all day....so I don't tell her anymore...just get a big Purdue chicken, rip off the wrapper and she says it's really moist and goes home with a nice platefull.

Did you see? Did you see? Linda got $250,000 and David got a ranch... and they rode off into the sunset...... Yahoo!