Friday, November 13, 2009

Comments ....

Diane writes ...Hi and thanks for this pattern, i have done it in different yarn and added a pocket to the front and I am so pleased with it(see my project in Ravelry) I tried to attribute it to you but im fairly new and i dont think it worked out right.Made it for my friends xmas so i hope she likes it.

I'd love to take a peek Diane. What is your Ravelry name? And I love the idea of a pocket! A bit of lavender would be nice to add.

Croby writes...I reallly like your using the ribbing instead of closure. This will work with someone with limited dexterity in the hands.

I did try a button closure but that was a bit fiddly to get the HWB into/outof. So ribbing it is.

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the pattern. I've knit a head band with the left over yarn. I'll post a picture and the pattern later.