Monday, April 26, 2004

Weekend in Atlanta

It was jewelry shopping at the Mart, yarn shopping at TKGA Market and eating pizza from Target for me this past weekend when I spent 4 days with my dearest friend Coco and her husband in Atlanta.

Wanna hear/read about it?

I had no problem finding parking at Norfolk International Airport on Thursday. It was the first time I have parked my car in long term parking since the new terminal was built. It's really nice and no more lugging luggage out in the weather.

Made it through Security with my US #1 Addi Turbo's with the baby bonnet Leaves in my carry on. I was able to knit during the entire flight. I did put them away during take off and landing since I have been asked to do that in the past. Flight was uneventful and my luggage arrived in Atlanta with me. The luggage carousel brought it out to me just as I arrived at the baggage claims area.

MARTA took me right to the North St exit (2 stops after 5 Points) where Coco was waiting for me. A quick stop by the bank to say "HI" to the Atlanta group and it was off to Coco's house.

We had a lovely "cocktail" hour with diet Dr Pepper and cheese while waiting for R (Coco's husband) to come home from work. Dinner was THE best frozen pizza! Now Coco has raved about these little pizzas for a while and so I was quite anxious to try them. She was right! From the Target Superstore, Target brand, $1.99 each, Roma tomatoes and cheese. With a side salad that was dressed with Green Goddess! (look for a pizza pattern here)

After dinner we sat on the porch ( a great Southern tradition) and caught up while Coco read Star magazine and I knitted. We are multi-tasking women!

Breakfast on Friday was bacon, egg beaters and coffee and then it was off to the Jewelry Mart where I purchased a pair of gold huggy earrings, a travel bag and reading glasses and only spent $100. And that included lunch for both of us: egg salad sandwich, pimento cheese sandwich, chips and 2 diet cokes!

After the Mart we found our way to one of the Atlanta LYS, Strings and Strands on Wieuca Rd. Coco decided she wanted to relearn to knit. Specifically a felted hat. So after checking every bit of wool in the store she decided on a beautiful light blue wool with a knitted in band of off white.

Strings and Strands is a nice what I would call "quaint" shop. Yarn is floor to ceiling. The shelves/cubies go from floor to the ceiling. And as a short person, I had a hard time seeing what was waaaay up at the ceiling. They have a nice selection of yarns...wool, novelty, acrylic, etc. Not as plentiful (to me) were the patterns and notions and easily read prices. It was also about 4:00 when we arrived and I was feeling that "it's time to leave" vibes from the yarnseller by about 4:30. So we took the wool and needles and left for home.

Since R was working until 9:00, Coco and I decided that another pizza was the right thing to have for dinner. Another Roma tomato and cheese for each of us and a side salad.

After dinner again found us on the porch with Coco relearning to cast on and knit.

Friday morning we were up early and had a breakfast of Taylor Pork Roll on a bun and fruit. Now I understand Taylor Pork roll is a real "treat". I'm not so sure. Sort of reminded me of ground bacon....

Another friend "R" joined us and we were off to the city again for the TKGA Market. This was the first year for me (and for my non-knitting friends) and truthfully I expected many more vendors...more like 100 than the 25 that were there. I think MS&W has ruined me for smaller shows....LOL

Great Yarns was the first shop. Beautiful samples and yarns. Their site doesn't look "complete" yet but does show some of the samples. One thing they had that was new to me was a "bleach-gel" that is used to fade a finished garment. Their scarves sample used Trendsetters "Sunshine" in a simple knit every row pattern. The gel was applied to make a decorative wave around the edges. I did purchase this gel and plan to play with it soon.

Second stop was at Skaska that sold knitted gossamer shawls. JUST BEAUTIFUL! I left with a skein of lace wt merino, 1 skein of lace wt merino/silk and the book Gossamer Webs. (look for lace shawl pattern beginning here)

Stop number 3 was Just Bags where I splurged and bought a double point needle holder in what they call the tan oriental design.

Yarn Barn of Kansas pulled me in for my next purchase....Stahman's Shawls and Scarves, Lacy Knitting by Mary Schiffman (yea I know...) and US #1 & 3 bamboo needles. This store has a great selection of knitting and crochet books.

At Interlacements their Seeds in a blue/green colorway and Rick Rack in purple went home with me.

My last purchase was at Habu Textiles for 2 small skeins of bamboo yarn....a dk wt in charcoal and lace wt in off white. You have to see and touch to really appreciate this yarn. And the finished garments are incredible....I wish I had more time to talk with the representative...she was so busy answering questions I just stood around listening.

So those were my purchases...what else was interesting? Lantern Moon needles, a new-way-to-me to add beads to knitting, "R" finding a sale table of $5 a skein yarn, and Coco asking "a really nice lady" to help her choose needles for the skein of Interlacements yarn she purchased....the "really nice lady" was Lily Chin.

The evening found Coco and I back on her porch knitting and chatting and the weekend coming to an end.

We had Target pizza's for dinner......

Sunday morning I packed all of my treasures (carried on the yarn and needles) and headed back to Norfolk. Stopped at Harris Teeters to replenish fresh food stuff, ran by the kennel and picked up Bailey and headed home.

So now it's Monday and back to work day.....but hey! KnittaPalooza is right around the corner!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Why I must watch TV

In the spirit of National No TV Week, I decided not to watch tv. That means no reality or comedies or dramas, just the occasional news.

Last night began as a typical night...walk dog, read paper, cook dinner, clean-up kitchen, make mental list of things to do around house, sit down with knitting.

Note the make mental list of things to do around the house. On last nights list were: get toilet paper from upstairs storage, fill shampoo bottle, call mother, look for rabies vaccination certificate, fix lunch for tomorrow, vaccum large spot of hair where B scratched his back on the carpet. You know, typical things you do every night.

Well, guess when I usually do all those things.....DURING COMMERCIALS! And I had no commercials last night. I just sat and knitted and knitted and knitted. Now I did get up once to let B in from the patio, refill my tea and go to the bathroom.

But then I went outside with him.

And there we sat. Me knitting away in the cool night air, B chasing a really big beetle around until he killed it and not understanding why I couldn't bring it back to life and finally settling down on my lap and napping. When I saw my neighbors light go out I thought ...hmm, wonder what time it is.... 11:22. I'm usually in bed by 11:00.

Therefore, there is a reason for me to watch get things done and to get to bed on time!

But on the bright side...I did start the Leaves and Berries hat by Marilyn Mebach of Rabbit Tree Farm. (When I spoke with Marilyn last year at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival she did not have a web site. I found the site I linked to via a google search.)

I'm doing a practice hat with Sirdar fingering yarn before knitting with the cashmere/silk that came with the kit. It's knit on US #1 needles. It's knit in 2 parts. The Crown starts out with 8 stitches divided on double points. After 4 tries, I abandoned the double points in favor of knitting it straight and then seeming. It's only 25 or so rows. Then the Brim is knit straight and grafted onto the Crown. I think knitting the Crown straight will make the grafting easier.

Another change I made (and Margaret suggests it on the pattern) is to leave off the "berries". I did knit them and thought "If I were a baby I wouldn't want them on the back of my head". So off they came. So I guess my hat is now "Leaves".

Tonights plan is to do all the mental list stuff BEFORE I begin to knit. Note I said PLAN......

If you're interested in the pattern, Marilyn Mebach email as listed on the pattern is:

Monday, April 19, 2004

Summertime and the living is easy.....

Well, almost summertime. A nice peak at it this past weekend and today. I held off turning on the air conditioner but the ceiling fans were whirling away.

Update on the rumor: 5th knitting store will open mid-July and not be across the street from 4th knitting store.

Saturday: I think many knitters were in their gardens and not at Ewe Knits on Saturday. But then I understand the week days were busy what with the sale. It was nice to have the time to chat with our customers. We had several new ladies find us. One is a gal that moved from San Fran last year with her husband and daughter. The child is really cute and sooo well behaved. Mom's a spinner and participates in Ren Faire's. She spins and the other ladies knit with it at the festivals. We chatted for about 30 min.

Sunday: So for 2 days I had my nieces lace stole blocking on the dining room floor. Bailey watched me lay it out and then ignored it. When I didn't move fast enough for him last night (his water bowl was empty, only because he had just drank it empty!) he scrunched it up! Then gave me a "so there" look. I pointed my finger at him, told him that was BAD, filled his water bowl and ignored him. Nearly killed him. But all was forgiven in about 5 min. We sat on the patio enjoying the cool pre-mosquitoes night

The third self fringing shawl is done. Just need to weave in the ends and block. They do look so much better after they're blocked.

Baby patterns are on my mind. My oldest niece is expecting my first Great-niece/nephew. I have 2 Dale baby books and can't decide what to do. I may end up with a baby blanket and a few hats. But then I have the Berries and Leaves bonnet that I picked up last year at Maryland Sheep and Wool.....what to do what to do?

It's national Turn off your tv week....I'm compromising...I'm taping Spartacus! 4 hours of Luka without a shirt.....

Thursday, April 15, 2004

And then there were five!

I have never claimed to be a smart person but even I can see this might not be a good business move.

I told you last week that Virgina Beach will have a 4th LYS opening just a few miles from The Knitting Corner. Now I learn that there is a second new LYS opening across the street from the one that is going to be opening soon. Within 2 miles there will be 3 LYS. Can you believe it? Is that insane? So, 5 yarn stores in the city of Virginia Beach..not counting WalMart, Michaels and AC Moore.

A Stitch 'n Bitch is meeting at Border's. Don't know what street Border's is on but there is only one Border's in the area so it's that one. Monday nights at 7:00. Hear they have a nice group. I had planned to go over last Monday night but it was raining and a new episode of the Treat Williams show was on so I didn't make it.

Played around with a lace stitch for the Self Fringing shawl. Have the increase down but the decrease is looking 'eh. I need a better decrease. So I've set it aside to begin a navy blue for myself.

Oh, and I finished the self fringing Scarf...I like the idea, just not the thick/thin cotton I used.

Bill or Kwame? Kwame or Bill? I can't decide......but my bets on Bill if Kwame can't find Jessica!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

This just in......

Bobbie writes in her newsletter

Hi From Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn!

Just a brief announcement to our local customers - We are NOW open on
Wednesday evenings until 8:00 PM.
You asked..... We deliver!

Think...... KnittaPalooza!

Happy Knitting!
Bobbie Reich
Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn
1-800-948--1565 or 757-498-4590

To sign up for the free online newsletter go to Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn!

Monday, April 05, 2004

March winds in April

Couple of times yesterday I thought Bailey was going become airborne! Man the winds are blowing. They came with an erie howling late Saturday night. And right now from my office window I'm watching little Coast Guard motor boats trying to escort a destroyer out into the bay. They're having a difficult time going against the waves on the river.

Sunday was a good day for sleeping in. And I did until 8:00 daylight savings time (7:00 standard time). Then it was a long walk around the neighborhood, a good cleaning of the house, shower, breakfast, clothes washed, an hour of knitting and watching last Sunday's The Practice, an afternoon walk, weeding the front flower beds, cooking dinners for the week, cleaning up, collasping in the chair with my dog, my knitting and NBC, and bed at 10:15DST. Whew!

It was nicely busy at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn on Saturday. Just enough customers that the day sped by but I wasn't overly exhausted at 6:00. And our customers are branching out into baby sweaters and blankets! Yippee!

I peeked into the Dale boxes that arrived late Friday. I could see Baby Ull in lots of colors and great pattern books. I've already picked out my project for my new grandneice or nephew from this one:

Baby Winter 2003 No. 139
Simple texture, adorable cables and complex colorwork highlight the eight designs which include lots of unique accessories. Seven patterns are knit in Baby Ull, but can also be knit in Stork, Dale's new baby Egyptian cotton. This book also includes an adorable bunting in Falk.

And we got these in too:

Adult Spring No.132
Twenty one contemporary and classic women's designs for spring knit primarily in Svale, but also in Daletta, Falk, Free Style, Heilo, Sisik and Tiur

Dalegarn Spring 2004, Childrens Book 134
Click on the cover to view the 2004 Spring Children's Collection, No. 134, designs for ages 1 to 12 years

Here's the link:

I finished the second Self-fringing shawl...but I didn't fringe it. I like it to much as it is. Sooooo, I picked up yarn for my 3rd one...Sirdar Donegal Tweed in a bright blue. And I have going around in my mind one out of a sock weight merino with double fringe.....hmmmm...

And now on my needles is a Self Fringing Scarf out of some thick/thin verigate cotton that's been in my stash for a while. I think I picked it up in trade at the first Knitters Review Retreat. What I'll do is Drop 3, bind off 12, Drop 3. That will give me the fringe on the long sides of the scarf. AND the fringe will be the same color as the row it's on.

Do you watch American Dreams It's one show I get all maulding and sappy and angry about. I step back into my own childhood home when I watch it. Not exactly the same characters and dramas....but close, very close. And it's so today.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Just call me Mrs. MrDarcy

I believe you belong in Pride and Prejudice; a
world of satire and true love. A world where
everything is crystal clear to the reader, and
yet where new things seem to be happening all
the time. You belong in a world where your
free-thought puts you above the silly masses,
and where bright eyes and intelligence are
enough to attract the arrogant
millionaire/prejudiced young woman of your

Which Classic Novel do You Belong In?
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