Monday, January 26, 2004

How big can it get?

I can share the news now....Ewe Knit Kits is expanding!...we're moving a few doors down and doubling floor space. We'll have a nice area for classes and a "library", 2 check out stations and more shelves to fill up with yarns. And only 2 doors down from the deli/bakery!

When you hear "knitting is back in" you can believe it....well knitting scarves anyway. On Saturday we had 4 people working (not teaching, mind you, helping select and ringing up) and we could've used another body for a few hours. Whew! And it's like that every day I am told

April 1 is our target date.

Oh and check out the site ....Ewe Knit Kits for details on the Knit-A-Palooza!. There's a button that will be kept updated. Contracts are pretty much signed and booklets are being put together but look for no more than $350 for 3 days/4 nights of classes and shopping(price includes meals). Hotel room not included in the price.

I did get the rest of the yarn for Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater. The open work for the back is finished and pressed. I've decided to knit the front open work before moving to the opaque section. I think I'll stand a better chance of remembering to change from size 5 to size 10 needles every row!

Did Nicole look in the mirror before she left home? Nicole you're too pretty to be overshadowed by clothes.