Monday, October 25, 2004

A nice surprise

I had a nice surprise waiting for me at Ewe Knits on Saturday. A student sent me an update on her shawl and a gift. "I" came from Northern Virginia area to take one of my To Fringe or Not To Fringe classes a few months ago and wrote to tell me she was making progress and included a small booklet/magazine of knitting patterns with a shawl pattern pointed out that I might be interested in. She was right!

Now of course I don't have the magazine with me and can't remember the name. I've never seen it or noticed on the net where anyone has spoken about it. And there are some nice patterns besides the shawl....I'll update tomorrow.

But the shawl is knit in Lorna's Lace Helen's Lace weight yarn, with Old Shale trim...hmm, maybe that's the name. Anyway, I've added it to my list of things to knit. I have some black merino lace wt that would be perfect.

As for knitting...I'm 1/2 way through the second cuff on the shrug, should be done tonight. It's a nice pattern. We sold a few on Saturday with customers seeing my 7/8's finished one.

I picked up the new Vogue Holiday issue...the "felted" shawl ..have you seen it. It doesn't look felted in the picture. The changes in the before and after felting measurements are minimal. I haven't used the yarn. I'm wondering if the yarn is a slow felter and you're suppose to just get a more firm fabric vs. a truly felted shawl/stole.

On an unhappy note...heard this morning that more reduction in force layoff's happened last Friday....I know most of the people. Most have been around for 15+ years. One guy was layed off 6 months ago, found a position and now another notice. (it's not for performance, it's becasue of down sizing) Sigh.