Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lizzy....that's me alright Bess! ...LOL...
Last Friday I found myself at work with no customers, all stock on the shelves and straightend. I had a few minutes to do something very rare. Knit.

So there I sat with a few yards of Lorna's Laces Black Purl in sock weight, eating a few of the purple M&M"s from Beth & Gang at Lorna's for their 5th Anniversary celebration and drinking a bottled water with a purple cap.

one color

Oh yeah, I was wearing a black sweater.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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D, J & I spent a cloudy Sunday watching P&P, knitting and eating. 6 hours.

KP&S Bolero is on hold. Bobbie selected the colors for KnittaPalooza 2008 from The Purled Llama and I'm working on a new pattern in sock weight yarn. "Trony". A shawl/scarf. Named after an aunt. I do love the color. It will be revealed next month.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

I do apologize for not getting back to moderating my comments. Thank you ladies for the well wishes on my blogaversary. I do have the moderate comments turned on. You wouldn't want to read some of the spam I received. Let's just say they're not knitting related.

What have I been doing?

Opening boxes, entering new yarn data, printing labels, putting labels on new yarns and then trying to figure out where we're going to put it at
Ewe Knit Kits. Rowan, Plymouth, Berroco, Filatura Di Crosa and a few more. And new patterns and books.

We now have the store almost seperated into animal and vegtable. On your left (as you enter) are corn, cotton, bamboo, soy. Quite a few "green" yarns. On your right, sheep, alpaca, llama, goat. We haven't moved the sock yarn or the acrylic...yet. And I guess the milk that should be here soon will go with the animal?

I'm knitting like mad to get Shrek finished before Thursday. Here he (are sweaters he or she's?) this morning with the color waaay off.

Shrek with sleeves & collar.

Basic pattern from KP&S #9725 with the cables from Knitty's Mr. Greenjeans. I added cables to the cuffs, bottom, and collar. The button bands will be in 4x2 ribbing. The yarn is Takhi's Donegal Tweed and was so nice to work with. Now if you don't like "itchy" wools this is not for you, but it doesn't bother me.

Why finish by Thursday? I'll be teaching a class cleverly titled, I might add, "A Sweater Before Spring" Thursday night, 6:00-8:00. We'll be using the KP&S neckdown patterns. I'll be knitting the Woman's Bolero with Rowan's Summer Tweed color 525 a periwinkle. I can't find it in the list, it's a new color for this season. So if you're in the area for the next 4 weeks, join us.