Monday, February 24, 2003

Received the wool and hat kit from PeaceFleece on Friday. Great stuff!

Played around with the hat pattern. Easy to follow and on nice card stock.

The wool colors are great!

Mini skeins of wool

Little balls of wool:

I've begun knitting a scarf. PeaceFleece Scarf. Casted on 23 and working in a k1,p1 Seed/Moss stitch. Started with the Ukrainian Red and into the Khrushchev Corn...both worked up nicely with a good feel in my hands.

Dale Sweater. Still haven't touched it in a while. Here are some pictures:

Knitting Experience Scarf. Finished it actually....didn't like the blunt ends so ripped it back and am redoing with pointyer ends by adding one stitch to each end....we'll see! Guess I can't call it Knitting Experience Scarf any longer....hmmm....