Monday, March 15, 2004

Found Sunday

I raced around Friday evening getting all of my Sunday errands done... groceries, laundry, cooking, cleaning....the usual stuff...because I had expected to be moving yarn across the parking lot on Sunday....boy was I surprised.

Walked into the old location for Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn on Saturday morning to pick up the felting samples for my class which was to be held in the new location and was surprised to see.... an empty room! With the exception of the cash register, the moving fairies had moved all of the yarn, books, shelves, samples down to the new location. At 10:00 a.m. it looked liked a hurricane had blown threw. Boxes, upturned tables, stacks of glass shelving, chairs and clutter everywhere.

I concentrated on the "training" area. Getting tables and chairs set right, hunting up the felted samples, extra supplies for the class and by 10:30 class was underway. 2 hours later, we emerged from the quiet corner and into an almost setup yarn store.

Windows were washed, glass shelves setup, yarn in their appointed cubby holes, customers shopping and the cash register ringing up sales. It was beautiful the way everything fell into place. Even with everything topsy-turvey, it was a good day for sales.

We now have a wall of Cascade yarns! Twice as much shelving space for books and patterns and table and chairs setup so you can sit and peruse to your hearts a few of our customers did on Saturday. All of the "novelty" yarns are together. We're expecting a big shipment of Lorna's Laces Worsted Weight yarns. All of the Addi's are on one wall, shelving is available for winders and kits and fun things.

And the shipping / holding area is three times as big! And the office has 3 desks!! And there are 2 cash register stands.

Now to find the right place for swift and ball winder.....

And so my Sunday was free. Bailey got a bath, the car got a quick rinse off, the back yard was de-gumballed, and knitting was done.

And James Spader is getting his own tv show!