Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Another long weekend of rain. Finally sun late Monday afternoon. And still so chilly. I wore a sweatshirt and jeans to walk Bailey last night. Doesn't feel like the end of May.

But the day lilies are blooming and the gardenia's have buds which tell me it will soon be June.

So Saturday morning I was up early and off to The Knitting Corner to see what new things have appeared on the shelves. No intention of buying, just didn't want to clean the house. Of course the sale wall called to me and I walked out with Meadows and Beach and 2 balls of Mission Falls cotton.

Then there was a stop to see if Pier 1 had opened (no) but Steinmart is right next door and was having a 30% off sale on purses...found a nice tote that I can use for a briefcase and a Laura Ashley-style quilted fabric purse (bamboo and palm trees print). And no Saturday is complete without a stop at Barnes and Noble (Town and Country magazine) and then Harris Teeter for groceries.

After groceries were put away and the house was cleaned, I had the rest of a rainy weekend to knit and watch tv.

Beach has become a lovely shoulder shawl with a knitted ball on one end and a tassel on the other. Very simple pattern that I concocted: cast on about 30, k2, yo, knit across, yo before last 2, k2. I did that until I had about 150 odd stitches on the needled (size 13) and that was it. Rather than a point in the back it all sort of rounds off and sits nicely on my shoulders. It is a bit long (or maybe I'm just short!) so with the Meadows I'll try another but stop at about 125 odd stitches. Oh and using size 13 made it really an "accessory", not a shawl for warmth.

I re-fell in love with Helene Hanff and her booksthis weekend. Watched the dvd 84 Charing Cross Road. After wiping away the tears, I re-read some of the letters in the book of the same name which led to the play and movie and then spent a good part of Sunday with some of her others works.

It must be the trip to England that Bess and her bdtook that has me suddenly recalculating how much more I need to put into savings so that I can walk down Charing Cross Road next year.