Wednesday, December 19, 2007

more this and that

micro corn = 1 cup

1 tablespoon of popcorn kernels + 1 brown paper lunch sized bag + 2 1/2 min on high in a microwave = 1 cup of popped kernels

This is important when you can have 1 cup as a "free" food on NutriSystem. And when you add a squirt of liquid ICBINB you've got a tasty treat. Okay, I haven't tried the ICBINB but I read it's tasty.

of course, Christmas Gingerbread mini muffins cancel the effort

gingerbread mini's

Bought myself a couple of Christmas gifts.....


and Knitting New Scaves by Lynn Barr. I can't wait to try her new-to-me techniques. And a Pilates mat with the 25% off coupon from B&N.

And on my New Year's gift to myself list are: Cover Up, Knitting America and Kristin Knits.

this and that

Mr Greenjeans...I've renamed mine December 2007 because I plan to finish it by the 31st...has sleeves.

December 2007 with sleeves

I'm now working on the body. I just love neck down sweaters! And shocker ... it's my first cabled project. I've knitted cables in swatches to test yarn. I've taken a class or so where we practiced cables. I've assisted customers with cable problems. But this is my first cabled project. And it's FUN! And I realized that I "cabled in public" (CIPed) for the first time at Monday night knitting.

Have you visited this blog? Twin sisters who knit and blog. Jan is a Guild member and shared her site with us the other night.

Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn had our holiday dinner last week. Each year we have a secret Pollyanna. We wrap a gift without a to/from name, pick a number and choose a gift. It's one of those where you can steal a gift from someone and number one gets the choice to steal from anyone at the end. The first year Kiki brought one of her thrown bowls and we fought over it. The second year, another bowl was fought over. Year three another bowl, another fight...but I had Number 1!!!! This year, Kiki announces she brought something different...but I didn't trust the gleam in her I selected her gift...PLATES! And luckily for me, we're all women and the fugde was the gift everyone fought over this year.

Here is my collection of Kiki-ware.

Kiki's pottery

Kiki is a very generous person. She'll open her boxes a few times a year and gift her friends with her beautiful work. Thank you Kiki!