Wednesday, December 19, 2007

more this and that

micro corn = 1 cup

1 tablespoon of popcorn kernels + 1 brown paper lunch sized bag + 2 1/2 min on high in a microwave = 1 cup of popped kernels

This is important when you can have 1 cup as a "free" food on NutriSystem. And when you add a squirt of liquid ICBINB you've got a tasty treat. Okay, I haven't tried the ICBINB but I read it's tasty.

of course, Christmas Gingerbread mini muffins cancel the effort

gingerbread mini's

Bought myself a couple of Christmas gifts.....


and Knitting New Scaves by Lynn Barr. I can't wait to try her new-to-me techniques. And a Pilates mat with the 25% off coupon from B&N.

And on my New Year's gift to myself list are: Cover Up, Knitting America and Kristin Knits.


Kimberly said...

Those mini-muffins look scrumptious! Maybe you can burn up the gingerbread calories working out on your Pilates mat! I was going to say that eating just one wouldn't be too bad but I KNOW I WOULDN'T BE ABLE to eat just ONE.

Life's a Stitch said...

I discovered that spray ICBINB this past summer while visiting my sister. I pick up three everytime we head down over the border. Great stuff - my husband will even use it.