Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Posted speed .. 55.
My average speed .. 65.
My guess of the speed of the cars passing me .. 75.
Finding a furniture truck in the left lane next to the HOV doing 60 and getting behind it and not being stressed when getting to work.....priceless.

Rumors were flying yesterday that the project I'm working on which has been touted as the most important project of this year and it will save tons and tons of money has been cancelled. That's okay, I'm also working on the second most important project of the year and it's gonna save tons and tons of money too. But I'm still hoping they'll see the need to offer me a retirement package at the end of the year.

I decided on Cascade 220 for the Persian Carpet Bag that is in Folk Bags. Bought about 8 hanks on Saturday. It's not on my wip list yet. Since it's knitted in Fair Isle from charts it'll be my "Sunday afternoon and all is quiet in the house and I can concentrate" project.

I also picked up my first skein of Mano's del Uruguay in variegated color 113. I had the pleasure of winding about 50 loose hanks of this yarn (in different colors) into skeins on Saturday. I guess those are the right words. It comes in hanks tied at several places and in order to fit the on a shelf you have to twist them so they form nice little skeins. Such soft wool. And nice patterns.

So what's in my WIP basket update:

multi-directional Scarf in Soft Twist was worked on for a little while during Show and Tell at Guild. I'm not liking it. It's in the frog pile.

Side 2 of the Lucky Purple Fish from Folk Bags is completed. I'm teaching a felting class beginning Sat at Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn. I'll save the fins and straps for the class. And I think I'll change the twisted cord for an i-cord.

Purl Stitch Collared Shawl in alpaca has been frogged, the chart studied and 26 rows knitted last night. Rory has a pretty Yale dorm room, Paris is back to her old self and Luke is going to try to act tough and stand up to his half brother.