Sunday, March 07, 2010

Douglas or Alaska??????

Received this email the other night :

I spoke to J on Friday night at 5:30; She has chosen "Fairbanks" for Linda to work with as her next pup to start. Fairbanks is a yellow lab who was born near the same time as Garvey and Gemma, as well as Beatty and Beauty, so he should fit in nicely with the new clan.

They are hoping to have a ride for these pups this coming week on Tuesday or Wednesday (3/9 or 3/10) but the ride details have not been set in stone...

I suspect we will not hear anymore news on this until Monday, but Linda i wanted to give you the heads up... We will discuss on monday what adventures Hanny will take on during the next few weeks while she prepares for her future raiser... She will have plenty of adventures in the meantime, and Linda- we will keep you posted on her goings ons...

Thank you again Linda for the wonderful start you have given to Hanny... I commend you for all your hard work and patience, and it is AWESOME to have such a dedicated person in the VAB area to get these pups off to such a great start!!!

Talk to all on monday

It's a boy! The F's and G's were born Dec 12th. That will give us 7 babies in the area. There's also Adria and Adam. And there's Albert who will come with J every other week or so.

And as for Hanny, there are 2 raisers who are ready for her.