Monday, September 21, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A broken shoulder

I found out Tuesday that the sprain/strained arm I have been nursing is acutally a broken it hurs worse than before.

Good news! No surgery..yippee.. It's broken in a place that cannot be splinted so I am keeping it in a sling. It's also in a place that doesn't allow for surgery unless it's a new shoulder, which is not necessary now.

And waiting the 3 weeks did not do any damage. I'll begin Physical Therapy next Friday and go 3 times a week for at least 6 weeks. I may not get full range of motion back.

My neighbor said she would take me to my appoitments for a few weeks until I can feel comfortable driving. It's really hard to reach the gear shift with a bum right arm. And a few friends have emailed to say they'd help me out....Coco and Deb said they'd move up here for me!

Very very nice offer from both, but I think I'm okay for now on my own with drivers.

I'm in a much better mood/place tonight than I was last night. I can plan to go to a few fibery places later in the fall.

Puppy will have to be postponed until after I see how physical therapy works.

Thanks for all the good wishes sent my way.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Puppy Class

Let me introduce you to the newest Puppy Class

1st Puppy class



Maverick 2Maverick



Pile of puppiesPile of Puppies


Aries is 16 weeks.
Primrose & Paulsen are 8 weeks and brother & sister
Lynne & Maverick are about 9 weeks

Sunday, September 06, 2009

How it went down...

...or should the title be "How I went down"?

It began as a lovely Wednesday afternoon. I met Fame and Debbie at Lowe's where we walked around and Debbie showed me how to interact with people wanting to pet Fame, how to let Fame look around and experience new things. Then we went to Starbucks for an iced coffee and tea.

Once back at my house we unpacked Fames overnight things...crate, blankies, toys, stuffed bones, food, etc. Fame and I had a nice dinner, she slept well in her crate (I slept well in my bed) and the sun rose on Thursday.

We played ate breakfast, rested, played in the backyard, went for a short walk in front of the house and Fame had a stuffed bone while I had lunch.

Then it was off in the car for a trip to The Knitting Corner. She was wonderful. Laid at my side with only a few reminders. Sure, a few balls of yarn were tasted, but nothing harmed.

Once home, we had dinner and settled in with Judge Judy. I thought...hmm, how about another walk!

So off we went, just across the street, not to far. We met a neighbor and chatted a minute, and turned back for home.

And there he was...Evil Eyed Cat. Now I knew how Bailey reacted to this cat (barking a very high shrill bark) and I've even walked Nixon by this cat (barking and wagging of tail). What I didn't know was that Fame didn't have much experience with cats...and an Evil Eyed Cat at that!

I felt her stiffen and saw the hair on her back stand straight up and she stopped. I put the leash in my right hand, took her collar with my left and hustled her along, talking to her. She relaxed, looked at me. So I released her collar and as I went to put the leash back in my left hand she made her move.

She turned back to the cat and took off jerking my arm. I had no choice but to follow. But I lost my footing and fell forward flat on my stomach with my right arm outstretched.

My arm hit hard. Every muscle was screaming. Thanks to my neighbors I was able to get back home.

So here I sit, a week and a few days later, still not able to move my arm out to the side. But the colors are, black green...from below my elbow to my shoulder. Each day it gets better. I went to the grocery store yesterday. The hard part was clicking in my seat belt. Never realized how hard it is.

So, that's the story.

But while sitting around doing nothing I've had the gutters cleaned. And replanned my backyard. They'll be out in the next week or so to rip out the azalea's, trim back the gardenia's, and put in more pathway's for pots. This winter we'll do a big trim on the 3 crepe myrtles. This should allow more sun the the yard.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Arm & Puppy update

With the bum arm, I had to make the decision to postpone receipt of puppy. A few pups arrived this week and the rest will be here early next week. I still can't brush my teeth with my right hand so there is no way I could handle an 8 week old puppy!

I'm hoping by October releases I'll be ready and able to handle a baby.

And I am reading your blogs about soups and sheep and little ones going off to school, just trying to keep the arm rested so am not commenting.

I just watched Cat Bordhi's video on her new book. Hmmmmm, sock may be in my future. Interesting concept.