Friday, July 03, 2009

June 2009

Many years ago, on some newsy type tv show, I saw a story about seeing eye dogs and the people who raise/train them. I added that to my list of things to do one day. Wasn't quite sure when that day would be. The last 20 years at Big Bank my job entailed to much traveling to join clubs, or organizations or even take a class at a university.

There was a break about 16 years before I retired, one year and three months to be exact, that I only left the city 3 or 4 day a month. So I bought my first house, signed up for dance lessons and brought Bailey home, and thought....this is what it feels like to stay still.

But that changed when Bank bought another Bank and became at Big Bank that in 15 years would be Really Big Bank. I was on the "transition team" which meant I had to be where the transitioning was going on. Check out Ravelry to see the states I visited/lived in during those years.

So Bailey adjusted to week days at Four Paws Inn, I adjusted to weekends at home and life went on.

When I retired, I thought about those seeing eye dogs, but Bailey was adjusted to being an only dog and really liked having me to himself.

In late May I called the local rep for
Guiding Eyes. She invited me to attend their mid-June training session for puppies.

I begin MY training to raise a puppy in August. I can't wait. Hope I pass.....

May 2009

May is
Maryland Sheep & Wool. I did watch my spending and came home with 5 skeins (1 lace wt cashmere, 4 lace wt wool) of yarn and 2 patterns. Not bad at all.

I was very excited about one of the patterns. A shape for a shawl that I had not knit. Started right away and found so so so many problems with the pattern. Designer posted corrections that made it even worse. I rewrote it. It works. It's the start for my next WallisKnits pattern.

The month of May was spent learning about life in Princess Anne County from 1636 to 1810 on the Plantation of the Frances Land family. Two of my friends were roped into "volunteering" for my first tour. It's been lots of fun. My "Jane Austen" costume hasn't arrived so I'm wearing a 1750 style.

The end of the month was a very happy time indeed. My niece Katie married her David in a beautiful ceremony on a beautiful day. Here's her Blog where she discusses her new life of a wife & step mom. Check out her chickens, her lovable dog Scooter, her new puppy Elmer, gardening and her felted items..check out her etsy store...

April 2009

The first weekend in April, the weekend Bailey was acting like a 5 year old, the Frances Land House (link on the right) held their annual "Gathering of the Guilds".

This is an event the Knitting Guild has participated in for many years. Smockers, quilters, sewers, basket makers, hand carvers, bee keepers, potters, spinners, blacks smiths and so many many more demonstrate their craft. I've attended this event since 2001, when I joined TKGV aka The Guild. So much to see that I never really stopped to talk to the "workers" at the House.

This weekend I commented to a "worker" on her dress (think Jane Austen). She replied "you can wear one too". I learned that the majority of the workers are volunteers. I signed up!

2009 The First 3 1/2 Months

January '09: My calendar says I was at Ewe Knit Kits quite a bit working and teaching.

February '09: In February there was the "Super Sale" on the 1st. You know the day of the big football game but you can't name your sale after it or you risk receiving a nasty letter from a lawyer representing a big corporation.

Bailey had his annual check up.

Melissa Leapman stopped by to teach 4 classes for
The Guild. Cables!

The Guild held our annual Charity Knit In. Lots of fun and blankets for St. Mary's Children's Home and Chesapeake Humane Society.

And I got my hair cut.

March '09: KnittaPalooza was fun. Not sure if it will be the final one. No word from Bobbie. I released the last 2 George Family Patterns, RosaBelle and Marguerite.

Bailey & Nixon March 19 2009
Nixon visited for a week. He and Bailey slept while I folded clothes.

And a group of 20 or so knitters got together to duck tape ourselves. T shirt, duck tape wrapped around the body several times, cut up the back...
Me Me

Bobbie closed Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn brick & mortar store. (First time since I was 12 I do not have a job. Began with babysitting most weekends) Website is still open and has been updated. You can find all of my patterns there for PDF download.

April '09:


On April 8th, Bailey's kidneys failed and I had to make the decision to euthanize. He died 15 years to the week he had come to live with me as a 12 week old puppy. The Friday before he wasn't well. His regular vet wasn't available and his partner diagnosed arthritis and gave him an injection for pain. Bailey a new dog. We walked for 2 days like we hadn't in the last few years. 2 miles plus each day. But by Monday he was showing signs of distress so back to the vets office. Wednesday the results of Monday' tests were in and I made the decision.

They say when one door closes others open....and they did.

An update

It's been just over a year since I blogged. An update on the highlights from my calendar:

July '08: Celebrated my birthday. Had my annual checkup.

August '08: Had my hair cut and car inspected.

September '08: Coco flew in from Atlanta for a mutual friends 70th birthday celebration weekend. We all worked at Big Bank together. Caught up on all of the Big Bank gossip...nothing changed. And we celebrated Coco's birthday. Knitting Pure & Simple knit in Plymouth Baby Grande Alpaca.

Coco gift & Bailey
Bailey guarding Coco's Birthday Gift

Later in the month I helped "man the booth" at the Chesapeake Heritage Fiber Arts festival for Tidewater Knitting Guild of Virginia. A last minute decision to enter my knitting resulted in Best In Show cup, First Place and 2 Second Place ribbons.

CHAF 2008. AND an alpaca vendor asked me to knit a few display pieces for her in exchange for yarn after seeing these.

October '08: Fall Fiber Festival at Montpelier was fun. Purchased 1 skein of yarn..alpaca, black, 600 yds.

Stepped down as President of the Guild, 3 years is looong time. I'll work on the Community Committee...a committee of one.

Took a Tatting class...don't ask. I made lots of knots.

Began training to work as an Election Official in November.

Clara Parks, Knitters Review & The Knitters Book of Yarn presented a fantastic talk on fiber. It was fun catching up with her.

Had my teeth cleaned. No cavities.

November '08:

Worked the elections. Very long day.

Started a knit-a-long at Ewe Knit Kits for a top down sweater with a different stitch pattern every few inches. Still have a sleeve and the button bands to finish.

J, K and I went to KnitXperience at Graves Mtn. Fun weekend meeting new knitters. And of course Graves Mountain Lodge is always fun.

And I was re-elected to BOD of my homeowners association. Not a big one else voluneered. It'll be my second time. I took a year off.

December '08: Quiet month. Christmas Day with my mother. Working at Ewe Knits.

So that was the last few months of 2008....