Friday, July 03, 2009

May 2009

May is
Maryland Sheep & Wool. I did watch my spending and came home with 5 skeins (1 lace wt cashmere, 4 lace wt wool) of yarn and 2 patterns. Not bad at all.

I was very excited about one of the patterns. A shape for a shawl that I had not knit. Started right away and found so so so many problems with the pattern. Designer posted corrections that made it even worse. I rewrote it. It works. It's the start for my next WallisKnits pattern.

The month of May was spent learning about life in Princess Anne County from 1636 to 1810 on the Plantation of the Frances Land family. Two of my friends were roped into "volunteering" for my first tour. It's been lots of fun. My "Jane Austen" costume hasn't arrived so I'm wearing a 1750 style.

The end of the month was a very happy time indeed. My niece Katie married her David in a beautiful ceremony on a beautiful day. Here's her Blog where she discusses her new life of a wife & step mom. Check out her chickens, her lovable dog Scooter, her new puppy Elmer, gardening and her felted items..check out her etsy store...

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katiegirl said...

Thanks for the "shout out"! Ooh, voluneering sounds fun, especially if you get to wear a Jane Austine-type dress!