Saturday, June 09, 2007

My life since May 31

It's been a while since I've posted. Here are the reasons.

1. I lost my secure access so wasn't taking any chances. After trying to figure out on my own I called Geek Squad. After almost 2 hours with Gallagher he cried "uncle" and ordered a home visit. Special Agent John shows up, looks at my pc, looks at the modem, mumbles something about the telephone guys and fixes the problem in 2 minutes. Seems the modem went haywire and kicked my pc off. (I have no idea if I'm explaining the exact problem. I just know my secure network was gone and I wasn't taking any chances)

2. My kitchen ceiling 2:00 am Tuesday

6:00amBefore Jack the Plumber

My kitchen ceiling 9:30 am Tuesday

after the plumberAfter Jack the Plumber

Seems that when the refill line in the upstairs bathroom, you know, the one I NEVER use, breaks, it gives no warning. Two BIG BOX Plumbing Companies couldn't come out. Jack the Plumber came within an hour. I heart Jack the Plumber. Of course my deductable is more than what it will cost to fix. So after considering hanging a picture of the sky over the hole and telling everyone it's a skylight....I hired Case Handyman to fix the hole, move the light fixture over so they can install a ceiling fan, and paint the kitchen. (I'll be shopping from my stash)

3. Finishing while holding my breath that they wouldn't change his name the baby blanket for my soon to be new great nephen Evan.

cdldgdA close up of his name

full blanketThe entire blanket

Sorry about picture quality. Hard to get a clear picture.

4. Arlyn

tripe?aka Tripe

This is my newest Pi. It is named after the woman who gave me the yarn. Lace weight. The other night at Guild meeting there was a discussion amongst several ladies. One finally asked if I was knitting tripe. Meh!

5. World Wide Knit In Public Day

We organized some fun sales and drawings for everyone. Do you think we had fun? (click on the picture to enlarge)

Terry & Trink
Terry & Trink
Andrea & Dona
Andrea & Dona

Debbie& Annette
Debbie & Annette

5:00 the sun had made it's way around to the front of the building

Bobbie & Kiki inside Bobbie & Kiki
Ewe Knit Kits

6. Douceur et Soie

Notice a theme to my color choices lately?

silk and wool

Bobbie just got back from TNNA. We're going to be swamped with deliveries over the next few months. Already arrived are the new Noni patterns. Coming soon are the HiyaHiya needles. And sock yarn from everywhere!

Next on my knitting list is to finish the D&S scarf, test 2 patterns for
The Purled Llama, and continue work on Arlyn. Of course I signed up for the latest Mystery knit-a-longs.

Oh, and I've been invited to speak to a group of Girl Scouts on "Making your hobby your job". Hahahahaha! I'll open with "work 35 years and contribute to a retirement fund....."