Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Brad filled weeked

After all my moaning and groaning last week my 3 day weekend turned out really pleasant.

I was able to work from home for my mortgage paying job on Friday which was a nice treat.

Saturday I worked at Ewe Knits with Sherry. We expected a quiet only two or three customer kinda day but it ended up nicely busy. No record breaking day, but a nice summer kinda day in a LYS where you had time to chat with the customer.

Sunday was overcast and by 11:00 the sky was filled with dark gray clouds and it didn't appear as though the sun was going to make it through. So it was off to the Regal Theaters to see Troy. Now, about the only thing I remember from history class was that the war between the Greeks and Trojans was suppose to have lasted 10 years. Not so in the movie version. But it was an entertaining 2 1/2 hours. Lots of good looking men running around in short skirts and no shirts.

An aside: it really bugs me when the theaters turn up the lights the second the credits come on.

When I got home, A River Runs Through It was playing. I had forgotten Robert Redford directed this movie. And so I couldn't let an overcast Monday go without a Brad-sighting so I watched Legends of the Fall.

All in all it was a good weekend.