Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Another pair of fuzzy feet are completed. For my friend the law student. They look just like Chickie...bright yellow!

And another pair on the needles for Coco...again bright yellow so no need for pictures...

In my opinion, the knitting demonstration at the school was a disaster. Thirty 6 year olds do not want to see anyone knit...they'd rather throw the balls of yarn around in the air....And it was 25 -30 five, six and seven year olds every 15 minutes for 4 hours. I was exhausted!

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Peace Fleece yarn for Coco's hat!

Fuzzy "Chickie" Feet...they remind me of Peeps! See Bess' blog for full details!

And here is Monkey-Bear....made from Mr. Bean pattern buuuttt kinda reminds me of a monkey.

Fuzzy "Chickie" Feet are completed! Felted very nicely too. I knit a third one to take with me to the school for knitting demo. I think the kids will get a kick out of them...I do!

The yarn for Coco's Braided Beaded Hat arrived yesterday from Peace Fleece.

Pictures were taken of all and I would post them BUT the batteries died and I can't seem to locate the "so I'll remember where it is" place I stored the electrical cord to the camera.

Preparing for a knitting demonstration at a local elementary school on Friday. 800 plus students..ack! So I've gotten together small items that I've knitted along with lots of different needles and yarns. And I picked up some beads last night to play around with. I understand there will be quite a few demonstrations of different "arts"... bobbin lace, spinning, felting, basket weaving and quilting.

This Saturday, The Frances Land House in Virginia Beach (www.vbmg.org/history.htm) is hosting A Gathering of the Guilds . It's a fun day for the family. Our guild will be represented as will quilters, blacksmith, bee keeping, etc. Oh, it's free!

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Fuzzy Feet 1 is completed and the heel is turned and gusset complete on number 2. Was able to complete all but the last few rows on a 16" circular. Then using a second circular I made a nice toe.

Ordered yarn from Peace Fleece for my friend Coco's Braided Beaded Hat.

Dale SLC grabs my ankle every time I pass the sofa. There it sits in it's basket wanting to be finished...maybe this weekend...maybe not.

Received my copy of Easy Knitting and Crochet....this month it seems to be more crochet...glad it was my last subscription issue. I mean I do crochet but I subscribed for the Knitting....the v-necked vest is cute and the article on beading looked pretty good at a quick glance....I'll have to study more....

Monday, March 10, 2003


"Mine" is completed! The interfacing has stopped the curling. I love my hat.

Began a pair of Fuzzy Feet. Began the toe decreases on the first one and so far have been able to do all on a 16" circular. Will go to two circular's in a few rows. I'm using a bright yellow wool that I bought from ebay. Reminds me of baby chicks or ducks....might have to put a pair of wiggly eyes on 'em!

Thursday, March 06, 2003

"Mine" is off the needles and is sporting a cute beaded tassle. I wore it while watching tv last night. Toasty warm!

I thought the pattern was printed out of order. The designer says to bind off, add the tassle/beads to the top and then there are instructions for an interfacing of an inch. After wearing it an hour or so I think I undertand why the interfacing is needed. I believe it is to keep the first braid from rolling up when you move your head, which it did. I'll pick up and knit the interfacing next and see how it does.

The next one I make...and I'm sure I will...I'll do a provisional cast on vs. picking up the stitches.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Although not finished, the Peace Fleece Beaded Braided Hat (which I lovingly call "Mine") was the hit of the Guild meeting Monday night. (The Knitting Guild of Virginia, if you're interested). Ladies who have completed the most complicated Norwegians and Kaffe's I've ever seen were facsinated by the braid. Gloat over...hahahaha.

Only a few more rows before I finish her. B needed some TLC last night so I indulged him and only got in a few rows.

As for the scarf....it sits.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Why do I even think I can leave The Knitting Corner with just what I had walked in needing? And it's not like the ladies push anything on me, I do it by myself!

Saturday it was size 6 16" circulars or double points or both....got the double points....also walked out with Jo Sharp West Cape Howe Collection...I'm new to Jo Sharp and her sweaters have pulled me in hard!

Peace Fleece Scarf: It's finished or should I say all of the skeins are on the scarf...now what to do what to do?

Peace Fleece Beaded Braided Hat:...........(scroll down).......so the braid intrigued me. I had to see what it looked like (hence the need for size 6 needles because I couldn't get gauge with 5 or 7 or and I end up using a 24" circular, 16's would've been too short). So Saturday night I casted on and completed the braid (I had to pat myself on the back for following the directions so carefully that when I flipped it over Voila! there was the braid). It loked so good that I continued to knit and knit and knit. By last night the chart and second braid were complete and now my thoughts turn back to the Scarf....should they match?

What to do...what to do?