Saturday, January 27, 2007

Faking the Isle

How's this for fake isle! Trendsetters "Tonalita" and Lana Borgosesia "Otto".

fake isle

by whose clock?

At about 9:15 this morning a moving van pulled up in front of my house. "Ah!" I though. "The female half of my new neighbors is finally moving in."

When I realized the moving van was not going to well, move to upblock my driveway, I went out and spoke to a moving guy. Moving Guy said "we'll be done in hour and a half".

"That's fine" I thought. "I can wait a while before leaving the house to fill the car with gas, stop at the library to see if the new Oprah book is on the shelf, see if Target has those block things that can be used for blocking and go to the grocery store."

At 1:30, I knocked on my new neighbors door, said "Welcome!" and asked that the van please be pulled up about 3 feet into the appx 30 feet of open curb where no driveway or car will be blocked, so that I could be off on my day's excursion.

Reluctantly it was moved. And on my way was I.

When I returned about 1 hour later (I skipped Target), the moving van had been moved once again to block my driveway. Sigh.

So I parked my car across the street, carted my groceries and library book and DVD's across the street while stopping to talk to neighbors walking their dogs or out for a stroll on this nice Saturday afternoon.

On my last trip, I asked the Moving Guy to please knock on my door to let me know when they're ready to leave so I can move my car to my gargae he called me a bitch.

Here's a picture of the moving van. I don't think I'll use this company on my next move.

HPIM0116 (2)