Friday, July 16, 2004

I didn't mean to do it

...continue knitting the French Market bag that is.   My plan was to knit only the bottom last Sunday afternoon, then alternate working on it and the Oat Couture baby Afghan...oh well.  I'm at least 1/2 up the side of the bag now and it is stunning!   Knitting in a 2 handed fair isle way is not really working out all that well.  The yarn (Rowan's Summer Tweed held double) is very stiff and hard for me to wrap.  But that's okay, I'm really enjoying the knitting and the results.    
And the party bags...I understand they're selling really well and several customers have requested special orders.   You can see them here and order them here

I've added a new Knitting Blog Ring over on the side.  Knitters Review..check it out.  Small ring right now but I know it will grow.   (and I don't know why it's out there twice, I can see it in the Template only once.)
I'm liking the changes Blogger has made...italics, bold, color with the touch of a mouse. 
I'm heading over to,  the local Quilt shop, tonight for their LockIn.  This is a monthly gathering of Quilters (and new tonight Knitters) from 6:00 pm until midnight.  You can work on your projects uninterrupted, eat pizza or subs and chat the night away for a $5 cover charge.  Not a bad deal.  And Susan, the owner, has just added yarn to her inventory.     I'm not sure what "lockin" means....lock you in the store?  is it a quiling term?  I'll find out tonight.
Mr. Johnson never showed up with the bookcases.  I told him to please refund my deposit.  We'll see if I have to go further than just asking.
Roof cleaners did a great job on my's light grey again!   And they're back today to wash the house.
And the carpet is clean.
Now if it can all just stay cleaned and weeded I'll be happy.
I'm not happy that Martha was found guilty...and even less happy about the sentence!