Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Itty bitty

Itty bitty knitting....
Lia Hoogenhout's.

To answer Becky...I have 3 more Puppy Pre Placement Classes to complete. That will take me to the end of August. Then, as puppies are available and we are deemed compatable, one will be placed with me. Hopefully September.

After a puppy is placed, we'll have 6 months of weekly training classes. I must keep Monday nights free! Boohoo Guild and Monday night at B&N. Then it will be twice a month. Testing is also performed during the year.

If I'm remembering correctly there were 6 new puppie raisers and 5 experienced puppy raisers in class last night. Singles, 2 brothers, families, a teen (and his family) husband & wife.

One of the regional instructors, Debbie, will be bringing her puppy to my house in a few weeks for the day. After we make sure she's comfortable, she'll come back to spend a night or 2 with me. That's one way to make sure I can handle a 60 pound dog!

As for sponsoring I copied this from the website. I'd post the link but it puts my info in the fields :)

Helps buy dog food and other basic provisions $10
Pays for a guide dog's annual vaccinations $25
Helps pay for mobility training in urban areas $35
Helps provide home-cooked meals and housing for a blind student in training $50
Helps pay for a student and new guide dog's trip home $75
Buys a leather harness $100
Helps raise a puppy in our foster family program $250
Helps pay for special home training when needed $500
Aids our Veterinary Hospital with the purchase of sutures, oxygen and surgical drapes $1000
Sustains our Adaptive Technology Program which allows our blind students to learn new employment skills $5,000
Sponsors a Guide Dog Team $45,000

I will be responsible for food, treats, bedding, travel to classes, leashes, collars.

I'll be given a crate, flea protection, heart worm preventative. Collars/leashes are provided if I can't. I will ask my vet to provide free check ups and shot updates. If he is not willing, I will be reimbursed for the costs.

Gosh, I got a bit long winded there! Hope that answers some questions.

Sit, Down, Stand & Witchduck

Puppy Pre Placement Class 1 - What I learned

Dogs don't ask to go out to potty; you tell the dog when it's time

Male dogs do not lift their leg

Massages are given to dogs by their raisers; starts right after birth

Dogs are named at birth and the name stays with them for life

There are sponsors of individual dogs; they get to name the dog....Pepsi

There is about a 4 year waiting list to adopt a dog that did not find a career with or through
Guiding Eyes for the Blind

You need a large box of tissues for the 8 hour drive home

Sit Down Stand

Our instructor thinks the area has odd street names like Witchduck. Wait until she hears the story of Pleasure House Road or Quarantine Road. You can probably figure these out for yourselves.

If you're reading my blog for it's knitting content. Sorry. Knitting on the FLH shawl continues. The second half looks like the first half.

And the Guild will knit hats for our 4th quarter charity project. I've already pulled a few single skeins that I'll use.

My niece used a nice simple pattern with a great idea for a pompom. I think I have that book and I'm pretty sure I'll steal the pompom idea!