Thursday, April 15, 2004

And then there were five!

I have never claimed to be a smart person but even I can see this might not be a good business move.

I told you last week that Virgina Beach will have a 4th LYS opening just a few miles from The Knitting Corner. Now I learn that there is a second new LYS opening across the street from the one that is going to be opening soon. Within 2 miles there will be 3 LYS. Can you believe it? Is that insane? So, 5 yarn stores in the city of Virginia Beach..not counting WalMart, Michaels and AC Moore.

A Stitch 'n Bitch is meeting at Border's. Don't know what street Border's is on but there is only one Border's in the area so it's that one. Monday nights at 7:00. Hear they have a nice group. I had planned to go over last Monday night but it was raining and a new episode of the Treat Williams show was on so I didn't make it.

Played around with a lace stitch for the Self Fringing shawl. Have the increase down but the decrease is looking 'eh. I need a better decrease. So I've set it aside to begin a navy blue for myself.

Oh, and I finished the self fringing Scarf...I like the idea, just not the thick/thin cotton I used.

Bill or Kwame? Kwame or Bill? I can't decide......but my bets on Bill if Kwame can't find Jessica!