Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Knitters Review Retreat 2009

When you take a week or more to post about a trip that 110 other knitters took you find that you have nothing to say because they've already said it. So I will use pictures to describe my experience at KR '09.

Packed and ready to go

Packed for KR Retreat 2009

9:30 a.m. ....Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

CBBT bridge

The next day...Heading into NY state

Mountains in the distance NY

Later that day...on "the Pass" to Williamstown, MA from Troy, NY

the Pass in MA

Snap 3

About a mile of "The Pass" as pictured on the Garmie aka Garmin GPS


The first night there were about 40 knitters gathered. Those that were taking classes on Friday

110 Knitters 2

By Friday night all 110 had arrived; here's half the room

110 Knitters 4

My Saturday class was with Kathryn Alexander . Here's how she set each of our knitting area's. We knit "doo dads".

Katherine Alexander class

Loved loved loved her class! I actually finished the class project. Something I don't think I've ever done before. Ahha stories to follow about Kathryn.

Sunday we cast on for our "new beginnings" project

Susan cast on for her first pair of socks

Susan's cast on

Joanne cast on for a shawl with her own handspun yarn

Joanne casts on

And I cast on with lace wt Rowan yarn I picked up in the KR "swap" room (where we brought what we didn't want and swapped) with a pattern I wrote Friday night (fingers crossed it works)

My cast on

Ann Budd, Kathryn Alexander, Melanie falick...only rubbed shoulders with the best. Melissa Morgan-Oakes was there somewhere as was Ann Hanson and quite a few designers of patterns that are in Clara's new book The Knitters Book of Wool.

Ann Budd Melanie Falick casting on

And I can't thank Joanne enough for driving all 4 days!

Check out the following blogs for more pictures and weekend descriptions or go to the KR Forums to read more