Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Puppy Adoptions, Toys & Vet Services

To answer KatieGirl's question about dogs that do not make it as a service dog, yes they are offered to their raiser for adoption. If the raiser does not wish to adopt, then they are offered to the public. I believe the fee is $1500.00.

I think I mentioned that if the dogs do not make a good guide for a blind person,then they may be trained for an austic child, or drug/bomb sniffing or search and rescue. Then they are offered for adoption.

Last nights class was interesting. We watched a video made by Debbie & Fame and a few others. It showed how to work with your dog through a normal day. Example, Debbie was putting clothes in the wash, Fame was on a "go place/stay". Debbie dropped a sock and said something like "not your's" in a pleasant voice, few more clothes in the wash, drops another sock and repeats. Debbie continued to speak to Fame about what a good dog she was. Fame stayed laying on her rug and watched Debbie load the washer.

And we watched little Aries figure out what he needed to do on his own last night. He's great with commands sit/down but could he figure it out on his own? So his raiser was asked to sit in a chair without commanding Aries and ignore him, pretend she was speaking to someone.

As we (15 or so all crowded in a hallway) held our breath Aries tried really hard to get her attention, (he looked up at her, there was no jumping) when he couldn't, he looked around a bit and then layed down next to the chair. When the trainer said "good" we exploded with applause and Aries received a "puppy party" (about 10 pieces of kibbe) Exercise took maybe 20 seconds if that.

And speaking of toys...Target had a sale so few new toys came home with me today. And I bought a treat bag for me. Clips on your belt/waist band.

And a huge Thank You to Dr. Brooks of Chesapeake Animal Hospital He's agreed to sponsor my puppy for his/her medical needs.