Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Best laid plans....Obi is still not finished. On Sunday I did a bit of steaming to prepare for picking up for the sleeves. For the fun of it, I tried it on. I've always known I wouldn't need all 7 inches of the sleeve it called for...I have short arms...but oh my, it comes to my wrists! So, I have knit short ribbed cuffs. Seaming will begin when we have a bit of sunlight. It's black you know.

So while Black Obi waits, I completed another Fiber Trends felted hat. This one calls for a single ply of worsted. I'm using Cascade 220 for the first time. I do like the way it feels. I'll felt this weekend.

And for fun, I've begun the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf using Lorna's Lace sport weight "Rainbow". It's a great pattern, really fun. "Rainbow" wasn't the best colorway to use. Too many short length's of color. I'll keep going on it and maybe make the next one in blocks of different color...or try the LL "Smoke". Now that would be pretty I think.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Q: What happens when the rain stops for an hour on a Saturday afternoon?

A: Everyone goes to Ewe Knit Kits to buy yarn for a new project.

I did the 3 needle bindoff on the shoulders of my black obi last night. Might have to add a second color. Not sure if I have enough black to finish it. Fingers crossed.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Black Obi continues....working on the second front...8245 stitches left ....then the sleeves!

Friday, August 01, 2003

They say dreams don't lie. In my dream I was making a presentation at work. I didn't have my electric cord for pc and when I pulled up the application I didn't recognize any of them. There was a person speaking about something and I thought, that's the wrong subject, they didn't tell me I had to talk about that. I had to sit at the corner of the table where it's pointy and I sat back in my chair so the point wouldn't stab me. The person presenting before me handed out "gifts" and everyone looked at me for gifts so I gave them Bic pens and one person had my "good" pen and I took it back but there was no ink left in it. I passed out copies of my presentation that no one would look at. I learned yesterday that I will have a new boss. He will be the seventh (7th, number 7, the number that comes after 6) this year...2003 ...well actually since mid-February. And I've had 2 people twice, but mixed in among the bunch, so does that count as 7 or have I really had 5...do I count like Liz counts husbands? I laughed about it yesterday and gave it no thought during the evening. Guess my sleeping subconscious thought about it alot.

I couldn't sleep after that. So I made a cup of Chai Tea (the instant kind with sugar and milk), curled up on the sofa with my Bailey and knitted. The back of the Black Obi is finished to the final neck shaping row. I'll wait to cast off until the 2 front panels are done. I want to make sure it's long enough and all the pieces are the same length.

I'll work at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn tomorrow. That's always a fun change from my mortgage paying job. Everyone leaves the store happy!

What do I work on next? Felted hat? Geisha cape/pillow top? One of the shawls that are on the needles?