Friday, December 03, 2004

Knitting and life

It's been a while.


my shawl pattern for Coco in Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed. It's the lighter blue color that was on sale at elann. It's wonderful to work with. Glad I stocked up on more colors!

a surprise for my KR secret pal.

a caplet for me in Harrisonville (is that the right name) wool. Dark grey.

that damn ruffled shawl in Lorna Laces sock wt...major-ly wrong thing to do. It's going to be frogged and knit into something else.

the plaid purse from Purseonalities. yes yes the one that I was working on Halloween night and haven't picked up since.

In other news

When will I learn to turn off the local NBC news? All through The Apprentice and ER I see film of a purse snatching ... over and over they tell us "watch the full video at 11:00 to see if you recognize the bad guy". So I wait and watch. And I don't recognize the bad guy. Why you may ask...because the purse snatching happened in Utah and I'm in Virginia! Okay, so maybe it wasn't Utah, but it was a state very far from Virginia. So no more WavyTV10 news for me. It'll be me and Jon from now on.