Wednesday, March 28, 2007

KnittaPalooza 2007

We’ve all been to conferences. We’re greeted by “greeters” who give you a name tag, a tote bag with conference goodies, direct you to coffee and your meeting/class room and with a cheery “Let me know if you need anything!”, send you on your way. So off you go to your conference and during breaks, the “greeters” are still there and still “cheery” promising to find what you need…a fax a copy a skein of yarn a pattern. And 4 days later you’re exhausted and wonder if you can listen to much less understand your next meeting/class and those same “greeters” are still there with the same “cheery” smiles on their faces and you wonder………..What are they on?!?

My Story:

Thursday, March 13

Wake up 5:30 , walk Bailey, shower, eat, take Bailey to neighbor for babysitting, drive to Ewe Knit Kits, perform store opening procedures, wait on customers, learn I’m going to set up the Hotel Store at the hotel and not work at the Ewe Knits, panic!!!!, start pulling from shelves what I think has not gone to hotel, eat a chicken strip (happy I brought lunch from home), pull a few books, Bobbie tells me I have to be at hotel at 1:00, panic!!!!, pull a few books from shelf, Debbie says she’s going to hotel to help me, panic less, load Debbie’s SUV, drive to hotel, park in garage and walk across street to hotel, find room still has chairs and other stuff, find hotel staff who were GREAT jumping in and removing and bring table clothes and more tables, unpack boxes, setup what we have, wonder where Andrea is because her SUV has the rest of the boxes, setup more stuff, Andrea comes, we unload, setup what she has, 3:30 now, make list of what is missing, Debbie & I drive back to Ewe Knits and pack more Koigu, lace wt, books, help customers while we’re there, load SUV, drive to hotel, unload, setup rest of stuff, while gone Terry has found a table to use for “checkout” YIPPEE, Purled Llama has arrived with her yarns and is setting up, Fashion Show items are hung, look at watch, it’s 5:05…whew…KnittaPalooza participants begin to arrive, we hand out name tags, sell stuff, I run down and grab a tuna mini sandwich and some cheese, go back and sell more stuff, 7:15 arrives and we move hall items into the Hotel Store, lock the door and head to our homes, I arrive home at 7:50, walk B, chase him around the house to wear him out, watch the news and go to bed.

Friday, March 14

Wake up 5:30, walk Bailey, shower, eat, take Bailey to neighbor for babysitting, drive to hotel, …........................well you get the drift. Behind the scenes is hard work! But well worth it.

It wasn't all work, I was able to attend Sally Melville’s “Creativity” lecture.

Check out KimKrafty’s blog (on the left) for pictures and attendee point of view. Also, Bobbie should be posting pictures at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn site soon.

2008 KnittaPalooz has been announced
Dates: March 13, 14, 15, 16, 2008
Instructors: Annie Modesitt, Melissa Leapman, Mryna Stahman and Margaret Fisher.