Thursday, September 09, 2004

Look ma, no cavities!

Great 6 month checkup at Dr. Wiggins.

And Dr. Pollock is making me a pair of glasses so that I can see the monitor of my laptop with plum colored frames.

School has started which means my morning summer commute of 20 min door to door is now closer to 45 (today an hour). Afternoon it averages 30 min. 1 way it's 14 miles.

Still no word on the position at mortgage paying job....

Knitting is slow...finished both of the felted bags but still need to seam the larger one...sewing on th pockets. Just haven't felt like it.

Besides I brought home some yarn to make store samples so I played with them this past weekend while the weather couldn't make up it's mind if it wanted to rain or not. I'm not sure when we we'll have a dry day. I don't want to get my hopes up.

B has been scratching the last few weeks. I've done the whole flea/tick check including baths. Took him to the vet the other night. Of course first thing the vet says "fleas" but I had to disagree. I know what the flea signs are and he doesn't have them. So after consultation with the other vets they think it might be an alergy to flea bites. Which had me wrinkling my forehead with questions. Basicly, he's bitten by a flea, the flea leaves, but the poison remains and makes him itch. Okay, I can buy that. So it was a 3 month supply of preventive stuff. And a blood test to rule out other stuff. So telling TP about the events of the visit to the vet, she laughs and says her older dog went through the same thing and after 6 months they find food alergy to.... CHICKEN!!!! Now this is bad news because B eats ALOT of chicken. Since he was 12 weeks old his dry food is chicken and rice, his soft and hard treats are made with chicken, his rawhide is chicken, he gets my left over chicken...this could be really bad. He's a picky eater. But I'm going to keep to the hope that it is fleas or something else.