Thursday, May 27, 2004

Time flies whether your having fun or not

KnittaPalooza weekend came and went. Read my recap here:

That Sunday afternoon was spent getting Ewe Knits Kits and Yarn storefront back in order. Bobbie tells me she'll post pictures from the weekend on the website soon.

The next day I was off to San Francisco for the week. It was a "you must be here for the meeting" last minute trip and I was both dreading and looking forward to it.

I hadn't been out there in almost 3 years and I'm not ready to get sucked back into the madness. I spent 3 years flying from east coast to west, west coast to east coast every week with promises of wonderful promotions and lots of bonuses....and in the end all I got was 7 new managers, the old "ya gotta prove yourself to me 'cause what you did before doesn't count" and 400,000 frequent flyer miles. So now I do my job, put in my 50 hours and don't believe anything anyone says. I'm hanging out for a separation package.

All in all it was an okay time. My favorite hotels were booked so I ended up at the Sir Frances Drake on Powell. Nice. But the only place to plug in my laptop to recharge the battery was in the socket used by the hair dryer in the bathroom. A laughable inconvenience.

Work meetings went well and we completed the agenda. Vendor came back with new dates for implementation. ...... Hmm, think I blogged about it earlier in the year. Where I told my young'in boss that what she wanted to accomplish would take a few years not the few months she had prophecies are coming true.....vendor needs to 1st Qtr 2006..... So the business isn't happy and young'in boss must now negotiate with the vendor and she's all in's giving me perverse pleasure to watch her squirm.

I did have evenings to myself to revisit the city. I walked to Chinatown, up to the mall, took the cable car out and back, visited Borders, Virgin Records (great dvd selection on the second floor), Sephora (Philosophy 3 "Grace" solids) and ArtFibers (3 skeins of "Siam" and 2 skeins of "Chianti").

The 5 hour flights from Charlotte gave me lots of time to knit. I worked on the "Auntie's Afgan" from Oat Couture that I'm knitting for my neice (the one who's expecting). I had begun knitting it using the "american" way of throwing the yarn. Then I re-learned "contenintal" and knit about 20 rows. Didn't like the differences that I saw so I ripped it out and began again. Didn't rip back far enough for my eye so once again, ripped it back. Perhaps it was my dissatisfaction of having to make the trip that cause my knitting to be out of whack. I finally put it away and read. Nora Roberts Birthright kept me entertained.

Didn't have to work at Ewe Knits Saturday so spent the morning running errands (groceries, garden place, picking up B at kennel) and then cleaning up the front and back flower beds and planting a few new flowering things.

Sunday I had a horrible sore throat which eventually turned into a cold. Since I had promised my mother I'd go to see her I couldn't stay home and feel sorry for myself...standing up my mother is worse than a sore throat! It's my second cold this year and I NEVER get sick! My body is thrown off course with all the going I've been doing. I haven't had a day of not going somewhere since April 11! I need some time alone.

SOOOOOO, this Sunday and Monday I am not going anywhere. The car will not leave the garage. I'm staying put! Just me and Bailey...and I may not answer the phone.