Monday, April 21, 2003

Stopped by the Knitting Corner on Saturday. Purchased yarn (Mission Falls 1824 Wool) for ChickKnits Cabled Headband. Have 3 repeats done. Also bought Lambs Pride Cotton Fleece (I think) for a baby bonnet from Fiber Trends.

I've pulled out about 10 patterns to take with me to Maryland Sheep and Wool on May 1st. My plan is to only buy yarn for a pattern. And I won't bet on how long it takes me to break that plan.

Easter Sunrise Service was the right way for me to have begun my day yesterday. It was a beautiful, thought provoking, peaceful service. She knew what I was seeking.

Put the ham in the oven (tangerine and brown sugar glaze), put eggs on to boil, washed the potatoes, snapped the rings at 10:30 a.m. ... we're not able to make it, going to a friends house for dinner instead of yours...okay, so now I have a free day what do I do with it?

Out came Dale of Norway Salt Lake City Olympic . Here's sleeve 1 incase you've forgotten what it looks like.

I still needed to do the chart work for Sleeve 2. So while the ham baked, Bailey snoozed and Justin Timberlake sang, I finished sleeve 2. And to my utter joy the two sleeves match!

So the sleeves (which still need to be bound off) and the Cable Headband will go with me to Virginia Beach Spring Market.

Bailey and I enjoyed the ham, green beans and baked potatoes!