Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last night...

... I met a woman who is blind. She came into The Knitting Corner for help with her knitting. A lace project. With her was Copper, her guide dog. He is her 5th dog. He's her independence. While Sue fixed her knitting we chatted about what makes a good guide dog. She shared that while "sit", "stay" and "let's go" were important, more important was "come". Copper is having trouble with that right now.

And from USAtoday this story "Blinded by Nazis; guided by a dog". Tobin was raised by a local family.

And allow me one more...Thursday on NBC's Today show will feature a story on the Yost Family who foster two of Guiding Eyes studs. Alex & Alfie. Should air between 8:30 -9:00. UPDATE: just learned that this has been postponed.

Alfie is Tobin's father.