Thursday, July 24, 2003

My friend the Law Student/FullTimeEmployee/Mom/Wife knits a sweater (and only a sweater) every year or three. She has one class this summer and with the class winding down, she has 3 weeks before she goes back to carrying 3 classes a week in mid August. So she decided now was the time to knit her sweater. She chose a cardigan pattern from Interweave Knits, bought her yarn (cotton) and away she went. The back and 1/2 of one front is done. It's a pretty diamond/lace pattern. She brought it in yesterday so we could do the gushy thing knitters do when they look at others work....and I did...I made all kinds of noises. It's beautiful. The color is perfect for her, the stitches are even, nice cast on....but in the natural light coming in my office windows it was two different shades of maise....different dye lots!!!!! She forgot to check and in the light in the store (Michaels) and at home didn't she didn't the slight shade change. She was going out last night to see if she could find more yarn. Fingers crossed XXX

Making progress on Black Obi. I have completed 40 rows with only 97 left to go! 244 stitiches across the back...knit a row...purl a row...knit a row...purl a row.......I'm trying for 10 rows (5 ridges) a night. And TV shows like Big Brother, Cupid and Queer Eye are making it possible.