Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The first three.....

Here are my first 3 scarves. In honor of the George Family siblings.....

My mother was raised in North Carolina. She moved to Virginia when she married my father. Each summer we would drive a bazillion hours in an un-airconditioned car for a weeks visit.

Mary is my mothers oldest sister. The first born. She was about 20 years my mother's senior. She's the one everyone ran to when they had "troubles". She took care of everyone. We stayed with her when we visited. You could walk a few blocks to downtown from her house. She once owned an antiques store. I fell in love with a little bank that looked like a dog. When you dropped in coins his ears and tongue wagged. She gave it to me. Her last job was in a cross stitch shop.

This scarf was designed with her in mind. A simple pattern that's knit in a soft yarn.

mary cropped

knit in 1 skein of Misti Alpaca Lace Wt.

George is the oldest son. Named after his father. My mother always speaks of him with a little awe in her voice. The big brother who left home before she was born and became "an important person in his job". I don't remember meeting him. I'm sure I did. There's a picture of my mother, father and me (at about 1 month of age) sitting on a swing in his yard.

From what I've heard about him I thought this scarf would honor his memory...the stitch fools you with it's complicated looks.


knit in Berroco "Ultra Alpaca"

Clarine LOVED fashion. She was always perfectly dressed and couifed in the latest style. She watched her carbs decades before it was fashionable.

Here's a shawl/scarf that will always be in style.


knit in Purled Llama "Concha"

So those are the first of the "George Family Scarfs and Shawls Patterns for Knitting". All are available at Ewe Knit Kits & Yarn.