Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Added a link to Knitters Review...does it work?
It has been a while since I was here. Not much has happened. I've not much desire to knit right now for some reason.

It was a long dark weekend. Rain began on Friday and didn't stop until Monday night. .

I did watch Pride and Prejudice on DVD. Why do I always hold my breath until Miss Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy declare their love for one another? The romantic in me I guess.

It was the same with Joe Millionaire. It was so lovely the two of them dancing together at the end. Course they were happy..they just got $500,000 each!

Dale Sweater Sleeve 1 is complete and I think it fits. I've not desire to begin the chart for sleeve 2 yet. I'm not a chart person. It was a simple chart though...

Scarf ripped back 8 rows on the scarf. I found a mistake. I tried to fix it by dropping down the stitch but garter doesn't fix like stst evidently. I'll ask the experts on Knitters Review.