Monday, December 14, 2009

Hanney 3 months old today 15.8 pounds

She went to sleep in her crate just now. I can't get up to get the camera because she'll wake up. It's the first time she's slept during the day in her crate. She wore herself out sitting and downing for rewards and trying very very hard not to bark and whine. Did I say she's not very fond of her crate. I have to lay next to it/her at night before she'll sleep. But she does sleep about 5 hours now before she wakes. I quietly take her out to "get busy" and then right back into the crate she goes. I don't say a word. She goes right back to sleep. I think tomorrow when I work with her in the crate I'll make sure my pillow and blanket are near by so I can nap too.