Thursday, October 09, 2003

It's their fault...No it's their fault

5:35 p.m. pull out of the parking garage
7:24 p.m. arrive home
miles driven - 14.7

My leg ached from pressing on the break in the stop and go traffic. They're still blaming the closing of the MidTown tunnel for the congestion. I dunno. I think tonight before I leave the office I'm going to pack a snack.

Kohl's is opening two stores my shopping area tomorrow. They sent a $10 gift card for me to use. That's nice. It's good through the 18th or 19th. Ad says 19th, card says 18th. The ad sheet they sent is nice. I like slick paper ads.

What I don't like are stores that have coupons in the newspaper every week that you have to cut out and bring in to get the discount. Why not just give me the discount when I come into the store?

Finished 2 pattern repeats of the Collared Shawl . I'm using Alpaca. I don't think I like it. The pattern is okay, it's the fuzzy look the yarn has I think. This is my first project with Alpaca. My thought was to block it while it's still on the needle and see if I like it.

And another thing. I'm getting gage but the shawl looks awfully small/narrow. Perhaps after blocking it will stretch.

Jack and Serena didn't have a strong case last was a no win from the begining.