Monday, April 05, 2004

March winds in April

Couple of times yesterday I thought Bailey was going become airborne! Man the winds are blowing. They came with an erie howling late Saturday night. And right now from my office window I'm watching little Coast Guard motor boats trying to escort a destroyer out into the bay. They're having a difficult time going against the waves on the river.

Sunday was a good day for sleeping in. And I did until 8:00 daylight savings time (7:00 standard time). Then it was a long walk around the neighborhood, a good cleaning of the house, shower, breakfast, clothes washed, an hour of knitting and watching last Sunday's The Practice, an afternoon walk, weeding the front flower beds, cooking dinners for the week, cleaning up, collasping in the chair with my dog, my knitting and NBC, and bed at 10:15DST. Whew!

It was nicely busy at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn on Saturday. Just enough customers that the day sped by but I wasn't overly exhausted at 6:00. And our customers are branching out into baby sweaters and blankets! Yippee!

I peeked into the Dale boxes that arrived late Friday. I could see Baby Ull in lots of colors and great pattern books. I've already picked out my project for my new grandneice or nephew from this one:

Baby Winter 2003 No. 139
Simple texture, adorable cables and complex colorwork highlight the eight designs which include lots of unique accessories. Seven patterns are knit in Baby Ull, but can also be knit in Stork, Dale's new baby Egyptian cotton. This book also includes an adorable bunting in Falk.

And we got these in too:

Adult Spring No.132
Twenty one contemporary and classic women's designs for spring knit primarily in Svale, but also in Daletta, Falk, Free Style, Heilo, Sisik and Tiur

Dalegarn Spring 2004, Childrens Book 134
Click on the cover to view the 2004 Spring Children's Collection, No. 134, designs for ages 1 to 12 years

Here's the link:

I finished the second Self-fringing shawl...but I didn't fringe it. I like it to much as it is. Sooooo, I picked up yarn for my 3rd one...Sirdar Donegal Tweed in a bright blue. And I have going around in my mind one out of a sock weight merino with double fringe.....hmmmm...

And now on my needles is a Self Fringing Scarf out of some thick/thin verigate cotton that's been in my stash for a while. I think I picked it up in trade at the first Knitters Review Retreat. What I'll do is Drop 3, bind off 12, Drop 3. That will give me the fringe on the long sides of the scarf. AND the fringe will be the same color as the row it's on.

Do you watch American Dreams It's one show I get all maulding and sappy and angry about. I step back into my own childhood home when I watch it. Not exactly the same characters and dramas....but close, very close. And it's so today.