Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Over the last few weeks I've taken pictures. Mostly of snow.

Hanny and snow 4

snow on the course

And a full moon.


The last snow.

Snow again

Hanny's reaction to the last snow.

Hanny It snowed again?

And while I was standing with snow falling on me I looked up to see the first robin of 2010 in the crepe myrtle.

first robin of 2010

Preparing for the arrival of the new little one, I purchased a new pillow. Hanny's trying it out for him tonight.

Hanny 3/9/10


GEB was not able to gather all of the puppies coming down to the NOVA/VAB areas in time for the trip tomorrow from Yorktown Heights. Sooooo, Hanny is still with me and Fairbanks is in NY. Maybe this weekend or Monday. More time to spoil Hanny.