Monday, March 08, 2004

Weekend sound bites

Locked In
I wasn't there, but I heard that the door into Ewe Knits got stuck on Friday. With customers inside. Wouldn't budge. (Think the overnight weather change from 40 to 80 had anything to do with it???) Arriving customers pulled while imprisoned yarn sellers pushed. Finally it opened! And with the maintenance people called and the door propped opened yarn was sold. But someone closed the door and once again customers were forced to continue looking at yarn while yarn sellers took the screwdriver from the computer guy (who had arrived while the door was open) and took the door knob apart. A happy ending for all...except the maintenance people who were mad yarn sellers had taken apart the lock mechanism. (No customers or yarn sellers were hurt during this event, however one customer was late getting back to work...a written excuse was offered but was not needed)

KnittaPalooza Information on the knitting weekend is up at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarn website. Click on KnittaPalooza for class information.

The move is still on for next weekend. Looks like we'll have lots of volunteers and will be able to move all of the yarn onSunday.

We received a huge shipment this past week. I think we now have every color of Cascade 220. New for us is Rowan. And a big shipment of Trendsetter, Ironstone and Unicorn yarns to replinish our dwindling stock.

Generations of Knitters I taught a felting class this Saturday (we'll finish up next week). Four students. A brand new "I only know the knit stitch" knitter...welcome! and a Grandmother, her daughter, and her daughters' daughter!

The Passion of the Christ Saw this movie yesterday. As I expected, I didn't walk out with an "I've been saved" feeling. More of a sadness that man can be so violent to man. And why does this surprise me?...we're still doing it today.....Mel Gibson sucked me in totally with his film. I flinched everytime the whip was used. Everytime He fell, I felt my hands trying to help Him up. The agony of the mother was painful to watch. And as promised, just as I thought "I can't take this anymore" Mel let me step away from the sight so I could take a breath because I wasn't breathing.