Sunday, March 23, 2008

Getting caught up....

It's been a month since I last updated. Lots of knitting has occured.

I had begun the Knitting Pure & Simple "Woman's Bolero".

KP&S BoleroIt's off the needles. Sorry about the blurry photo. And the color isn't the greatest. But it does fit well and I'd knit the pattern again.

Speaking of KP&S...this April I'm scheduled to teach a top down class and I'm going to follow it up with a KP&S "Shell" class. I'm knitting one of each now.

The round neck shell to match this:

Butterfly side to side.

Tahki "side to side vest" from the "Terris" booklet. It's knit in 2 strands of Kertzer "Butterfly". I chose 2 different colors and it's make a great summery blend of colors. The shell, I'm using the darker of the colors. And the great part about this top....I knit it in a weekend!

The KP&S Turtle Neck shell is being knit in black Rowan "Calmer" and I've enough to knit a KP&S Cardigan to match.

On Feb 29th Ewe Knits had a "knit in" and a great sale on wool....Feb 29th purchase

My purchases. 5 skeins of Tahki "Donegal Tweed" in a great yellow and a Lantern Moon basket...smallest size to match the large one that sits next to my knitting chair. I enjoyed knitting "Shrek" with the Tweed that I had to have the yellow for another cardigan.

Speaking of stash enhancement...I brought home these from KnittaPalooza Knitta 08 haul

3 Bad Cats patterns. The Jade Sapphire Silk Cashmere for the Driftwood Shawl and the Pink Lacey Lamb for the Fern. I've ordered the Green as in the Fern photo too. And as for the Cashmere for the Queen Anne...2 skeins are still at the store calling my name.

And from Universal Yarns....
Flax swatchFlax. I'm swatching with the Flax. I'm thinking curtain..or window covering, if you will, for my front upstairs window. I began using my "My Favorite Shawl" pattern on US2's though 6's and ended with some yarn over's and SKP.

KnittaPalooza '08 was so much fun. I worked from 9:30 am Thursday morning until 3:00pm Sunday afternoon (with a few hours of sleep) and it was still soooo much fun!

You can read attendee and instructors "memories" here:

Kimberlys Korner
Dawn's Dream
Knit it. Knit it good.
Annie Modiset


The weeks before
KnittaPalooza is always busy busy busy. Trunk shows, new yarns, new books, you name it.

And as in the previous 4 years The Purled Llama develops a color just for the event. This year in blues/tans/greens. Bobbie handed me the skein of "Dulce" (wool/nylon, 440 yds, fingering/sock wt) and said "We need a pattern" . So I swatched and swatched and came up with "Trony".


Named after my mother's sister (the 4th George daughter), my Aunt Trony. Aunt Trony's had a long career in fashion/retail, she raised 4 children and at 87 is living on her own and going strong with bridge, bingo and lots of grand and great grand children.

"Trony" the shawl, is a simple side to side light weight lacy shawl. Straight across the back, it works well for a light weight cover across the shoulders and can be wrapped around the necks as a scarf.

You can purchase at Ewe Knit Kits.