Sunday, March 23, 2008


The weeks before
KnittaPalooza is always busy busy busy. Trunk shows, new yarns, new books, you name it.

And as in the previous 4 years The Purled Llama develops a color just for the event. This year in blues/tans/greens. Bobbie handed me the skein of "Dulce" (wool/nylon, 440 yds, fingering/sock wt) and said "We need a pattern" . So I swatched and swatched and came up with "Trony".


Named after my mother's sister (the 4th George daughter), my Aunt Trony. Aunt Trony's had a long career in fashion/retail, she raised 4 children and at 87 is living on her own and going strong with bridge, bingo and lots of grand and great grand children.

"Trony" the shawl, is a simple side to side light weight lacy shawl. Straight across the back, it works well for a light weight cover across the shoulders and can be wrapped around the necks as a scarf.

You can purchase at Ewe Knit Kits.

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